Thursday, 30 October 2014

Your Disco Needs You

"Your Disco Needs You" - The musical" performed five shows recently at Glasgow's Mitchell theatre to packed and enthusiastic audiences. The musical is a heartfelt, feel good story of friendship, love, commitment and courage in the face of life's adversities written by Anita Neilson.

Five women, from very different backgrounds, decide to join a dance class which they hope will offer not only an enjoyable way to exercise, but also take them out of their person troubles. Immy beings along women from her cancer clinic to help with Grace's dance school which needs to do well at a Dance competition in order to survive.  

This new musical has a lovely score by musical director David Allan based around Kylie Minogue songs and dance routines by Kylie's choreographer, Tim Noble.  Plus a top cast, with some outstanding performances by notably Carly Fisher as Immy and also Alyson Lamond as Grace.