Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Protect Scots History at National Trust of Scotland sites


Culloden moors 

**Can the Scottish Government do more to protect the "REAL Scots history" at our many historic sites?

On our recent trip up the Scottish north coast, we stopped at the eerie sight of Culloden moors, which were covered in a layer of crisp snow. I thought of the battlefield sights we’ve lost – where is the real Bannockburn, no ones sure exactly where? And I hope there will not be houses built here when Scotland has plenty of land.

One of the guys in his red jacket and bonnet was explaining the battle to me - he didn't seem to be aware this important Culloden battle was a "religious battle". Or of the Thirty Years religious wars in Europe at the time etc. etc. There were German, French and Irish troops involved too. 

After this crucial battle, the Highland way of life and culture was completely crushed by English redcoats from their huge 18th century Fort George, which is still used as a fortress today, at the entrance to the Moray Firth north of Inverness. They learnt from this how to subjugate the natives for future imperial suppressions. 
There was no Prand the National Trust of Scotland.ofessor Tom Devine history books in their bookshop either - clearly a sanitized version told here by Historic Scotlandand the National Trust of Scotland.    
Historic Dunkeld is covered in plaques - we were told by a local that they were put there by one guy and that most of them are historically untrue! 
Culloden moors

**Can the Scottish Government do more to protect the "REAL Scots history" at our many historic sites? And crucially stop this sanitized whitewash! But rather promote the true Scots history as told by real Scottish Historians such as Professor Tom Devine, linguist Stuart McHardy, lyricist Robert Burns, Professor Alan Raich, or poet Ian Crichton Smith. And not the falsehoods peddled by John Prebble or archaeologist Neil Oliver. Its well past time all this changed.