Tuesday 28 September 2010

Folk Nights Edinburgh

As I descended the narrow steps to the Royal Oak folk club in Edinburgh, I heard the rich energy of the folk band Bellevenue Rendezvous. We were greeted by a tall grinning man with a long shaggy beard and large smile who introduced the band in his broad Irish brogue and curled his voice with relish around the words. The club had that perfect warm folk  vibe that lets you know instantly that you are going the to enjoy your visit. Ruth played a Swedish nickleharper - an instrument that is a cross between a violin and a piano and she told us that it has a range of 3 and a half octaves. Gavin was an enthusiastic and fun fiddle player and the band mixed traditional and contemporary tunes. I've heard this band before and recommend them. 

Afterwards I made my way up to George IV Bridge to the famous the Sandy Bell's folk bar. that I used to haunt in my younger days, when I dated a folk guitarist. Such great FUN, and I got some cool pics..... many many memories here for me. 
 In the hub of Sandy Bells where smiles say it all - feet stomp, fiddle bows fly - and I reflect on those who have played here before.