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Thursday 13 February 2014

Celtic Connnections festival 2014

Nicola Benedetti and Phil Cunningham
#ccfest  Each cold January Celtic Connections brightens our dark evenings with warm, enriching ceilidh music, beautiful 
Gaelic song and exhilarating world music. It's a celebration of the folk song and traditions, dynamic collaborations 
of renowned Scottish musicianship alongside famous world artists - and more than that an introduction to new artists. 
Celtic is all about the live interaction with the audience and very much about the live bands. 

I have attended Celtic for many years now and the buzz at this festival is particularly infectious. The hub of Celtic is at the Glasgow Concert Hall which provides a fitting setting for the main concerts. Other venues range from the intimate Oran Mor to the atmospheric Old Fruitmarket in the Merchant city part of town - excellent for ceilidhs.

This year at Celtic 2014, its 21st year, I heard some wonderful musicians here for the first time  -  Lau, RM Hubbert, Mogwai, Imelda May, Nicola B, Del Amitri and from Greece Alkinoos Ioannidis. I also enjoyed artists I'd heard before - Dougie MacLean, Julie Fowlis, erry Douglas, Karine Polwart, Kris Drever, Capercaillie. I enjoyed several top concerts this year at Celtic and it certainly gets me through January!                          

Celtic sells out several big venues on the same night. When Celtic started back twenty one years ago in 1995 people wondered would they draw a crowd out at this quiet time of year in January to see folk concerts? It really is incredible how the festival has grown year on year to become the biggest folk festival gathering worldwide.
Julie Fowlis
Joy Kills Sorrow
Kris Drever
There was crossovers between folk and classical music at the festival with among others - Phil Cunningham and Aly Bain have been working with classical violinist Nicola Benedetti for her new Scottish themed album.  Also award-winning folk band Lau composed with the classical and experimental Elysian Quartet - 'The Bell That Never Rang'  for the New Music Biennial Glasgow 2014.
Julie Fowlis & Nicola Benedetti

Duncan Chisholm
The Big Dish

At Celtic's main event, the Transatlantic Sessions - and who are one of my all time favoruite bands - there are crossovers between Scottish traditional music and American country and bluegrass - it is a powerful combination!  When music making goes in new directions with challenging collaborations, that is often when the best music can develop.  

Capercaillie celebrated their 30 years together at the festival with a concert to mark the release of their album 'At the Heart of It All'.  The band are one of Scotland's most successful contemporary folk bands and are led by festival artistic director Donald Shaw and the beautiful voice of Karen Matheson.
Dougie MacLean Burns International concert Hydro

It is good to see and hear the confidence, creativity, pride and range in Scottish music these days.  It is a huge boost for Glasgow to host this international event each year.
I  particularly enjoyed -  Alkinoos Ioannidis, RM Hubbert, Del Amitri, Lau, and Julie Fowlis.  
There are often several wonderful concerts on the same night. One good thing is there is much encouragement given 
over the festival to new musicians – with the Late Sessions, Open mic and also Showcase Scotland.   
Lau at Glasgow City Halls
Aidan O'Rourke with Lau
Darrell Scott & Tim O'Brien
Jerry Douglas & Aly Bain Transatlantic Sessions
Shaw does a great job of pulling the festival together to offer diversity, breadth and quality. It’s clear he enjoys varied and interesting collaborations.  
The festival encourages playing live, ethnic traditions, vocal harmonies, unaccompanied singing, story telling songs and words with a message, real instruments and diverse collaborations. I look forward to next year's Celtic Connections festival!

Imelda May
Del Amitri
The Hydro

All Photographs are copyright Pauline Keightley and are made with permission of the artists, the festival, and the venues involved. Photos at Celtic Connections since 2008.
Rab Noakes -  with  Where Dead Voices Gather' - still relevant and even better than his younger days.... 

Sunday 9 February 2014

Transatlantic Sessions at Celtic Connections 2014

This unique concert is enriching and heart warming.
There was more banter tonight with fun chat between songs and as always superb playing by the strong cast of musicians. It was clear how much fun they all have playing together and Jerry Douglas even said this was his favourite time of the year. I know too how much I enjoy the buzz during Celtic. My son usually comes to Transatlantic with me and he enjoys seeing guys like Douglas and Aly Bain playing – he’s now at Aberdeen University so I missed him tonight.

The stage was set with the Scottish musicians on the left and the American musicians on the right. Musical directors - Aly Bain, Jerry Douglas. Also, Phil Cunningham, Danny Thompson, Russ Barenberg, Bruce Molsky, Mike McGoldrick, John Doyle, John McCusker, James Mackintosh and Donald Shaw.

Bands don’t come much better than this one and it is always a joy to hear them play!  I always enjoy John Doyle and Danny Thompson on their dynamic rhythm section. One of the reasons for the success of the TS is the way they have the stage set as an informal jam session, with those not performing sitting on a couch at the side of the stage with their customary onstage ‘green room.’
Kris Drever

We were treated to some excellent singers at this concert – Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis sang a beautiful version of McCartney’s Blackbird, while Kris Drever, who’s had a brilliant year, sang the songs - You are The Call, Isle of France and Shining Star.  Kris and Julie joined in also with the band and clearly enjoyed every minute.
Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott

There was also the top quality from American singers were – Shawn Colvin and Sarah Jarosz. Shawn Colvin had success in the 80s.
Plus two very talented American regulars at Transatlantic, who are from West Virginia and Kentucky respectively - Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott who recently released a duo album, entitled Memories & Moments.  Brilliant guitarist Russ Barenberg played one of his lovely guitar melodies. There was the emotion of Aly’s fiddle and the highly individual drama of Jerry Douglas's resonator guitar - a highlight of the night is his solo performance at the start of the second half. (Douglas is an award winning American Dobro master)
Jerry Douglas

Transatlantic is the big event for the last weekend and now tours the UK after its two sold out shows at Celtic Connections.
I also attended a couple of Late Sessions at the Piping centre and saw some quality artists there too. I am now sad the fun weeks of the festival are over for another year.
Phil Cunningham, Aly Bain, Jerry Douglas

**SET LIST :  Band - Waitin for the federal; Kris Drever – You are the call, Isle of France; Sarah Jarosz – Runaway, Ring Them balls;  Band - The Hull; Julie Fowlis – Blackbird, 
Bruce Molsky - Blackest Crow; Band - Wee Michael; Tim O’Brien & Darrell Scott - One more Drink; Darrell Scott – Come into the room;  Shawn Colvin  - All Fall Down, Don’t worry me now.

Second half. Band - Irish Beauty Air; Sarah, Julie, John D, Jerry, Danny, Donald, John, Mike -
Build me up from bones;  Shady Grove - Sarah Jarosz, Tim O’Brien – Brother Wind; Russ Barenberg – Out Time; Julie Fowlis – Roghain air and The Choice;  Kris Drever – Shining Star: Shawn Colvin – These Four Walls, Diamond in the Rough.

Monday 4 March 2013

Kris Drever and Eammon Coyne Milngavie Folk Club

When Irish and Scots folk blend something fun and very unique happens. Both Kris and Eammon are very personable and with their easy manner put their packed audience at ease when they began their set with some energising tunes.  

Eammon is an accomplished banjo player from Dublin who has played with many well known Irish folk players and now lives in Edinburgh. I noticed Eammon first with Salsa Celtica and I noticed how much he enjoyed himself on stage.
Kris Drever
 Eammon Coyne
Kris is from Orkney and he is one of the most popular contemporary Scots folk singers. Drever originally played with the ceilidh band Session A9.  He was persuaded by John McCusker to record his own solo material and he released his debut album ‘Black Water’ to good reviews in 2006. He has worked with some of the top Scottish folk musicians and toured with Kate Rusby’s band.

They played a excellent selection of tunes and folk ballads. I particularly enjoyed Drever’s own composition Steel and Stone and we sang along to the Tannahill Weaver’s fine song Farewell to Fuinery Drever also sang the Burn’s song Parcel of Rogues to the Nation to good effect

Their tunes and reels were very well played and full of character. Kris has a fine voice and he performs quality songs. The music is an interesting mix of their own compositions and traditional folk and country influences. In 2007 Coyne released a cd with Kris Drever called ‘Honk Toot Suite’ and is worth checking out. 

SET  ( I read this set list upside down so I hope it is correct!)
Call and Answer/ Isle of France/ La Bestai/ Wild Hurricane/ Harvest/ Poor Mans Son
II Mthe/ Mazurka/ Crown of London/ Parcel of Rogues/ Twenty Quid/ Black Water/ Shady Grove/ Steel and Stone/ Farewell to Fuinery Honk Toot Suite.
I’ve seen Kris a few times before at Celtic Connections festival and at the folk club and I thought this gig was a step on with both Kris’s performance and Coyne providing colourful playing. I would perhaps have enjoyed hearing more chat about the songs. I also preferred his new look longer hair! 

When he moved from Orkney Drever started out playing at Sandy Bells Edinburgh, a place I have very fond memories of. Drever also plays with the band Lau with Martin Green and Aidan O'Rourke, and they performed on Jools Holland last year.  They prove to be one of the most promising new folk music collaborations.
Kris Drever PHOTOS -

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Kris Drever and Lau on Jools Holland

Kris Drever, Aidan O'Rourke and Lau on Jools Holland this week - it is good to see folk and indie music is alive and well! Folk/Blues Chart  - Mumford No 1. - plus Kate Rusby, Bellowhead, Paul Simon, Laura Marling, Chieftains, Neil Young. Good chart! : ))

Lau -
Kris Drever PHOTOS -