Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Drawbacks of first Past the Post

 With a Proportional Representation or PR voting system a party must have 50% of the votes – and they must work collaboratively. And crucially each vote has equal value.

With the UKS outdated First Past the Post or FPTP voting –

70% of votes are wasted

50% of votes go to loosing candidates.

Most voters haven’t voted for their MPs


Only a few thousand swing voters matter

Some seats haven’t changed for100 years.

Vote worth less in a safe seat.

Only marginal seats matter

And political diversity is suppressed with a minority rule.


In 2022-

Tories have 80 seat majority with 44% of the votes and 100% of the power

Lib Dems 17% of votes and 1 seat

Greens 18% of votes and 1 seat

Labour  (50K votes for each seat)

Tories (38K votes for each seat)



How can anyone who supports democracy support FPTP?