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A state of grace – Perceptions
I’m a big fan of your work, very animated.
The next photo is always the best one – and the way it should be. ‘the universal sense of quest, daring and growth.’ J Baldwin.

I began MY BLOG 2007 with a few music reviews and later expanded into all the arts, heritage, and culture. I grew up in Edinburgh and I now live north of Glasgow, plus ten years in America, which I hope gives me unique perspectives.  I travelled to far away lands and read their stories, now I return to my own roots, to unearth Scotland’s vast and colourful past.  (2017)

Sometimes I believe images should speak for themselves – other times that there is a story behind every image. My photography focus is on music and portraiture.
My photography is about creative & alternative style, natural light, composition and photo journalism. I aim to mix the old with the new and capture moods such as quiet moments of inner reflection. I submit work to major websites and festivals, press, artists promotions, album art work, theatre and events. My work has included Celtic Connections, Edinburgh Festival, Scottish Writers & History, Scottish Ballet, Manchester Jazz Festival (MJF), major concerts and artist promotions**. Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, London, since 2007 - of traditional folk musicians, emerging contemporary talent and established major musicians such as Elton John and Fleetwood Mac,  I took images of the singer songwriter Emeli Sande in 2007, five years before her breakthrough 'Our Version of Events' when I took photos at her Royal Albert hall gig. My images were used for her promotions. 
I have a large archive of images on my website – if you wish to license any for use please get in touch or to discuss commissions. Many thanks  -

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In 2006 I took up a camera again and re-discovered developing a good eye for what works. In the 90s we returned from ten years in America and some wonderful journeys there. I had used a Pentax film camera which created quality results. Art and film make for careful thought and observation of light, composition and subject. I used to sketch portraits and was fascinated by line, beauty, shade, composition and faces.

When I took up my first SLR camera in 2006 I realised my long held passion for portrait photography. I had taken some images with a small disposable camera at a gig in London in 2004 and discovered that photography was mostly about having a 'good eye' while having good equipment is about having good tools! I started shooting music photography and I have been to many memorable gigs over the past ten years since my children grew up – both famous and new artists. I received good feedback for my photography and worked hard on developing my craft and skills. I took photos at gigs and festivals and re-discovered those lost connections between art, words and music.

MUSIC. My other passion is music and playing Mozart or Joni Mitchell on piano. I was fortunate in my twenties to enjoy Scotland’s heritage of traditional music with fiddle and guitar playing and unaccompanied singing at Sandy Bells bar and at folk festivals. 
Celtic Connections, Edinburgh book festival (EIBF), Edinburgh Fringe, ballet, events and behind the scenes photo-shoots. Images published major festivals, dance, venues and theatre.
 Emerging artists now signed to major labels - Lau, Warpaint, James Blake, Django Django, Admiral Fallow, Metronomy, Head and Heart, Miles Kane, Low Anthem, more. A live album shoot in Manchester for Kirsty McGee and Mat Martin. 

My images have been used in print media worldwide, online publications and media. Also for album artwork, authors promotions and more. I admire the photographers Mario Testino, Eve Arnold and David Bailey. Glasgow is second only to London for it's number of cultural events and therefore is an excellent city for music and event photography. 

Many thanks all those who taught me the joy of music - my first piano teacher, my father, a folk guitarist, the Beatles, Joni, Mozart, and my children and all the many artists who have inspired my photography. Also to all who have encouraged my photography with their kind feedback. More recently my writing has become very important for me.

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TESTIMONIALS: 'you use the light exceptionally well, full of life.’ 'You have a wonderfully observing & imaginative eye.' 
''you're really very talented & have a great eye - it's a rare skill!' 
'they are fab as always, you're truly amazing at your art'
"Pauline's photos have proved invaluable to the project I hired her for - they are dynamic and very much in line with the brief we gave her. Her work was efficient, and she was very professional as well as very personable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any musician wanting excellent quality and highly useable live shots." Musician Mat Martin

Photography is a truly ‘eye-opening’ and blessed experience: whether the blue-greys of a new day, the long glow of dusk, shared laughter, intense depth in a singer, or majestic mountains, and to capture those rare moments of quiet reflection, an inner sense if special connections. This being in touch is highly rewarding, makes you appreciate beauty and soul wherever you might find it. 

The noughties have been an incredible artistic journey. For the wonderful artists I've been inspired by- Dylan for his words and was himself inspired by Burns; Dalai Lama for his wisdoms; Mario Testino and Eve Arnold for their photographic art....I discovered Tom Waits, Arcade Fire, Dylan, Radiohead, more