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Wednesday 12 December 2012

Emeli Sande at Royal Albert Hall

Some days are ordinary grey days, but yesterday was an extraordinary day.
There was a glorious blue sky and those small fluffy white clouds as I headed to South Kensington via bus and tube and for a late lunch at the V & A café, where the pianist played under the ornate Victorian rooftops. 

2012 has been a big year for Sande, not only did she get married, her debut album Our Version of Events was the top selling album and went triple platinum in the UK. She has a glowing warm stage presence with her large smile and her sincerity. I have seen her perform at several of Glasgow's top venues - the Oran Mor, King Tuts and the Old Fruitmarket. 

It felt very strange to be in such an iconic venue. I entered the hall via its Stage Door entrance for my Pass, where we waited. Professor Green came in shortly after!  I shook his hand and said how much I enjoyed his big hit song with Emeli - Read All About It. Green had a beautiful girl with him who looked  like a model. I took in the images on the walls – in particular one memorable image of Frank Sinatra as he waved to his enthralled audience taken from the stage by photographer David Redfern, I was in awe!. I thought how hard it is now to get those kind of images with all the restrictions imposed on photographers these days – only the first three songs, no moving about etc. etc.  I wished to savour every moment knowing these were moments I would never forget.    

I will never forget ascending the narrow steps that entered the arena the theatre’s red and gold lights shimmered above us, where there were the shadow outlines of people on the tiered circle galleries as spotlights hovered and I feel I have now entered a realm of fantasy, folklore, mystique and hidden memories.

Another Emily, from New York – an Emily King played as the support.

When Emeli appeared in the shadows at the top of the dark steps we know she is a star in the making. She savoured the experience, as she paused to take in the atmosphere and those moments as she arrived on the iconic stage.  The halls doomed arena offer perfect acoustics for voices to reverberate and bounce into the air. 

Sande began with her distinctive song Daddy, which was followed by Tiger and Where I Sleep. Then the backing singers and band got a chance to shine with the refrain I Left My Heart in Pluto.
In the middle of her set Emeli sat at the piano centre stage and said, 'This is where I know myself and where I am raw.’ She started with the emotional Clown and she said sometimes we all need to show the Clown in us.  Next she sang her well loved song River. She said she’d had emotional responses to this song and that one young girl who’d never been to a music concert before had said to her that Emeli was 'her river of music.'  Then she sang a song by one of her main musical influences, Nina Simone, ‘I Wish I Knew How It Feels to Be Free’ which drew positive audience reactions.

‘We should all speak up and use our voices.’ Emeli said when she sang Read All About It: and the audience was delighted when Professor Green came on stage to perform for this number one hit song. Emeli returned to the stage in a red dress and with her song Wonder: a song full of light when she got the audience on their feet
Anything can be achieved if you have love, when she spoke of the support of her parents. Then she sang her hit song Heaven that has that danceable drum beat and soaring vocal. Labrinth then appeared to sing their chart song Underneath Your Beautiful. And for her encore she sang her touching Maybe, followed by her rousing Next To Me.

Emeli makes the dream her own, but she also takes us with her. This was one of my best days too.
Having followed Emeli's career for five years since 2007, it is both strange and wonderful to see her now on the Big Stage and called the Voice of 2012. I remember the intimacy of her Oran Mor gig and how moving her voice was there.

THE SET:  Daddy, Tiger, This is Where I Sleep, Breaking the Law, ( two new songs)  My Kind of Love, Abide With Me, Clown, River, Nina Simone’s How It feels to be Free, Read all About It, Wonder, Mountains, Heaven, Maybe, Next to Me,
Proceeds to the Princes Trust. The concert was being filmed for a DVD, photography was restricted, but the colours and vibe were awesome. 

Friday 22 June 2012

Emeli Sande Olympic Torch Relay George Square June 2012


Emeli Sande performed at as part of the George Square Olympic Torch Relay celebrations 8th June 2012.  She performed songs from her number one UK Album Chart, Our Version of Events, which was released in February 2012.
Emeli sang her album songs – Heaven, Tiger, Breaking the Law, My Kind of Love, Daddy, Wonder, Next To Me.
She asked us to join in her last two songs. A very young child behind me, who was about five, was singing along and knew all the words. Her mum said she had heard them on the car cd player. Emeli said that ‘Wonder’ would be the summer single, and it’s hum along chorus works well with stadium audiences – as does ;Next To Me;.

Sande appeared as a guest artist on Professor Green’s single 'Read All About It' which reached the number one spot on the UK Top 40 Singles chart in October 2011. Emeli Sandé is a Scottish R & B and soul artist and songwriter. Before pursuing her musical career, Sandé studied medicine at Glasgow University. Sandé first became known to the public eye after she featured on rapper Chipmunk’s, ;Diamond Rings; which entered the UK top Ten Singles chart. Also a top ten hit with Wiley’s 'Never Be Your Woman; Sandé released her first solo single 'Heaven' in 2011 which made No. 2 UK Singles chart.  Her album 'Our Version of Events' was released in America in June 2012 to good reviews.. Emeli Sande Photo Gallery - ttp:// 

Friday 17 February 2012

*Emeil Sande 'Our Version of Events' Review

 Sande has a gripping voice that engages emotionally on many levels. Her songs have powerful timeless melodies with both classical and soul influences and her album sits astride mainstream pop and something more interesting and individual. 

I've followed Emeli Sande since 2006 when I first heard her sing at her ep launch Oran Mor Glasgow and it is  very exciting to see her reap the rewards from all her songwriting work with the successes of her recent debut album which is due to be release in America in June. I met Emeli at her King Tuts gig in 2011 and she has a natural warm smile and was very earnest about her music there.    

Our Version of Events is about her powerhouse soul voice and her distinctive song writing and we hear clearly Sande’s heart on her stronger songs -  the lyrical Daddy, Next To Me, My Kind Of Love, Clown, Maybe, Breaking the Law (which changes the albums feel and has simply guitar and her voice) and on her first single release Heaven which uses the popular energy of the Amen dance drumbeat. Her album sits astride mainstream pop and something more interesting and individual. 

Refreshingly with Emeli here is someone who has made it through hard graft and not through the Guildford School of Music or by being wealthy and privately educated. My hope is that artists are given time to develop in music. We might also wonder why would Sande, a cool, musical and clearly bright singer, wish to be aligned to Simon Cowell?  While I hope the music world is about creativity, it is also about a business. She may have written for Cowell’s X Factor winners but Sande’s music has true grit and heart to it.  

Emeli Sandé is a Scottish R & B and soul artist and songwriter. Before pursuing her musical career, Sandé studied medicine at Glasgow University. Her influences are a cross between the piano songs of Nina Simone's and rock music, and she describes her sound as ‘soul with a rockier edge.’  

I prefer not to 'over analyse' music - I prefer to follow my instinct. I ask myself would I listen to this album, would I travel to hear this artist perform? The answer with Sande’s music is a very firm yes. 

This is a strong debut album mostly receiving good reviews. How many albums are perfect without a few weaker songs, not many that I can name. Emeli has a gripping voice that is both soothing and edgy and engages emotionally on many levels. She plays piano well and breaks her set with several piano slower tempo songs. It seems to me she has paid her dues and delivered a fine album.
Sande at her Old Fruitmarket Glasgow April 2012
Emeli had to change her name as in 2007 as she was known as 'Adele' her first name! There are comparisons here as both have powerful voices. Adele just swept the Grammies 2012 -  then again 21 is Adele's third album.

I first heard Sande at her CD launch gig Oran Mor Glasgow December 2006 when she had picked up attention for her strong distinctive voice at university. She has changed her hair since then also from big and brown to a peroxide quiff, which certainly makes her stand out!  I met her also at her King Tuts gigs in 2010 where she kindly signed Prints. Sande has had hit songs since then with -  Professor Green’s on "Read All About It” (number one UK singles chart), rapper Chipmunk’s, “Diamond Rings” and Wiley’s “Never Be Your Woman”. 
I first heard Sande's album songs at her Oran Mor 2011 and I was impressed with how her songwriting had developed with many catchy hooks and good variety of rhythms. 


Wednesday 9 November 2011

*Emeli Sande Oran Mor Glasgow 1st November 2011

Emeli burst on the Oran Mor stage firing on all cylinders. I saw her gig here for her first EP launch in December 2006, when she sang her own songs and a Nina Simone song. I saw her again four years later at King Tuts in December 2010 and she has had a busy year since then with considerable songwriting success. In 2011 she has had The Mobos, her debut single Heaven which reached No 2 in the UK charts in October. Her second single Daddy is due for release in November and her album, Our Version of Events, will be released early 2012. Emeli spoke of how wonderful the past year has been for her and of her present number one song with Professor Green titled 'Read all about It.

Tonight, again at the Oran Mor stage, she owned the stage and took us on her musical journey through soul, gospel, rock and R & B.  Emeli sang the new songs from her upcoming album – as well as a medley of her past hit singles collaborations.

She sat at the keyboard for her song ‘Clown’ and said it was here that she started her musical journey before co-writers and more were involved.  She said this song was a favourite from her new album and we heard why. It was a beautiful haunting song when I wished I had remembered to bring my recorder with me!  She talked about the wonderful experience of writing with Alicia Keys in LA and sang their collaboration song which was titled ‘Hope.’  
Emeli finished her set with her singles Heaven and Daddy and for her encore sang she sang 'Maybe' when the poignancy of her voice shone through with lyrics such as ' We can try a bit harder, We can make it work.'

She gave an accomplished and energetic performance. Her excitement to be performing her songs with a top band back home in Glasgow here where it all started was palpable. The venue was sold out as is the rest of her first intimate headline tour. 
Her music is rocky and upbeat. It is also full of pathos and sits on the edge of our joys and sorrows. As Emily says herself..'This ain't no 'soft soul easy listening' but soul with a questioning edge.The expressive timbre of her voice sends shivers.  She states that her music is 'soul with a rocky edge' and influenced by artist such as Portishead, Massive Attack and Joni Mitchell.

I am now excited for her album release and I expect her album to be a smash success!
Emeli drew attention for her big soul voice when only 16. She attended Glasgow medical school and after obtaining a medical degree in Neuroscience, she decided to focus on her music. I wish her well for her album release. It is clear this lady doesn’t do things by half measures!  MORE Photos - 
 SET List
1. Tiger
2. Where I Sleep
3. Suitcase
4. Lifetime
5. Clown (Emeli piano)
6. My kind of Love
7. Next To Me
8. Breaking the Law
9. Hope – River (Emeli Piano)
10. (Medley)
11. Gravity
12. Daddy
13. Maintain
14. Heaven
15. Maybe (encore)