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Tuesday 27 March 2012

Music Industry Night - City Halls Glasgow March 2012

Hear Glasgow!'s Music Industry Panel.  Thanks to Yvonne McLellan (Host), Dougie Souness (No Half Measures Ltd.,), Jen Hunter (Musicians' Union), Duncan McCrone (MCPS-PRS Alliance), Stephen Hume (SMIA) & Dave Corbet (Dfc Scotland) for an enlightening & inspiring evening.

Bands.  Do research. Managers – ask are they trustworthy, honest, enthusiastic. Represent you to PRS, fix amplifiers. Contacts.
Maintain contact with fanbase. Direct to fanbase, and build a community outside of friends.
Make your audience find you. Re-connect.
Have a Plan,
Songs are the most important. 
Be professional, appreciate the Backstage,

It is about 95% Creativity, 5% Business

PRS – Song Royalties for live gigs.
Song royalties copyright. Band copyright for lyrics and tune. Arrangement for drums and bass.
The Song Share Agreement. Share money but not the Rights.
Musicians Union. £20 for students. Ask Us First List.

New Business Models.
Record deal less relevant.
Get music out there. The Record labels do nothing – and there are many bands that get stuck on deals for years that do nothing for them.

Radio play is important. Different genres need different deals.
Build to 2 or 3 thousand people.
Creative grants.
PR person and plugger. 3% goes to PRS.
Have control.
Right person as plugger – to get Radio One, Jools Holland.
Major Labels have changed, no longer their own repertories.  
Distribution Partner - for marketing, promoting, iTunes, Spotify, Physical Goods, Signed Items.
Distribution Costs,
Press campaign promoter.
Licensing Deals for album. Pay royalty of every record sold 50/50.

Pledge Music.
Creative Scotland.
Record Label advance – it’s a loan that you have to pay back.  
Right deal, Right people. In your time and your style.
Labels? Do you understand the band.
Less advance and money for tour and marketing.
Re-register every song.
Watch and network with other fans.

Entrance pathways.
X factor is only a small path into industry.  It is simply a different channel.
T Break tent costs money to put on. It needs to be the right time for a band. Ask for feedback.
Radio is key.