Sunday 31 July 2022

Edinburgh festival 2022!

Emerges this year after the 3 years of the pandemic, to a dramatically changed world.

Post war resilience, recovery and building a new future. 

As we face new challenges - Cost of living crisis, climate change.

Celebrates this year its 75th anniversary of the International Festival with an outdoor Gala performance at Murrayfield


Post war stronger – artists, residence and visitors. 

The last full in person festival was in 2019 - this year with 14 venues and over 2,300 artists

We appreciate more all that festivals offer us. – photographers, pandemic images.


BURN – Alan Cumming , dance theatre

REFUGE – theatre, dance, art.


VENUES-Royal High school music venue; Summerhall: Traverse theatre; the Stand comedy

PLUS – the Edinburgh film festival, Edinburgh art festival, the International Book festival, 

The Edinburgh FRINGE with 4,400 shows!

Average Fringe tickets are at £11. With short programs of around an hour, so excellent for trying out new ideas. 

Edinburgh Festival seeks to challenge, look for new intersections, and new ideas. 
International dance program, creative and original theatre, contemporary music, challenging art, morning recitals, ever popular youth acappella, wide range fo comedy acts, international orchestra. 


Nothing beats the buzz of the high street at festival time. We visited during the pandemic it was a lovely sunny day but there was an eerie emptiness as if time stood still for a while .. and now we take those baby steps to recovery.

ARTISTS in residence, to offer more sustainability.