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Wednesday 30 December 2009

Elton John: Music Magic Rocket Man SECC

Elton – Music Magic from the Rocket Man SECC Glasgow June 2009
Elton John was fabulous – dynamic vocals and piano and even after all these years performing he seems to thrive on it, while his voice gets better and better. Elton appeared up the steps and paused to bask in the audiences thrill to see him there!

Elton John...- I had forgotten how much I love ‘Your Song’ –  Great gig!.  Adrenalin rush to the head..I’m still standing!  

These photos of Elton were such an honour for me and I was hugely excited about my first time shooting at the SECC. It seemed quite restrictive and they were surprised I was there to shoot the support artist too. I always shoot support artists too, well you never know they might be big one day! Other press snappers turned up and we were all taken into the arena, where there was more waiting about in the dark at the front of the wide stage. Elton’s piano was the only shape lit up and then suddenly through the darkness he appeared up the side steps. We were only allowed the one song and the adrenalin rush was incredible and the knowing you only have such a short time to get that one shot. Nerve wracking!!  I thought after what an honour to shoot Elton.

Elton was wearing a pink shirt and pink glasses and a black jacket covered in colourful music notes and a keyboard and with the words ’music magic’ embroidered on the back. He ran through his back catalogue of hits and the packed SECC loved him. 
He built up the energy with strong renditions of 'I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues' and 'Daniel'.  Followed  by a full fifteen minute arrangement of his well known hit ‘Rocket Man’ which took the energy up after which he performed 'Sad Songs' and 'Sorry' which took the tempo down. 

The most moving moment was ‘Candle in the Wind‘ when you could hear a pin drop  in the dark with only Elton and his spot lit piano it felt like candles blowing in the air of the vast arena.  I heard echoes of Norma Jean and of Diana both beautiful ladies who shone for a brief time. He also sang 'I Need Love', 'Fly Away', 'Are You Ready For Love' and more from his wonderful back catalogue. He had his long time band members with him and Nigel Olsen on drums.  I was pleased that for his encore he played my favourite Elton song 'Your Song'. I had my Your Song piano sheet music with me with the vague hopes of getting it signed. I did get down near the front for the last songs and Elton was signing autographs, mostly gig tickets.

Elton writes piano melodies that touch people’s hearts and you could feel the love! Now this year I’ve taken photos of Richard Thompson and Elton both. If I could ever take shots of Paul McCartney (!!) I could die happy. I’d no idea what to expect and I guess the next time I take photos at the SECC I won’t be so nervous!