Tuesday 24 July 2012

Music Photography

Broken  Records Queens Hall

Mumford  ABC Glasgow
Viking Galaxy Classic Grande
Michael Marra
Sometimes at gigs something magic happens…. the audience is really up for it, as are the musicians on the stage.  It is as if it all comes together in that one time and place. And it is at these rare gigs that I am able to  get a good position and shot unobtrusively for the entire gig – and I am not restricted to those ridiculous 3 songs (which I know matter for the bigger stages).  The trouble with restrictions is it creates a ‘manic’ grab for photographers while it can be an adrenaline rush. Also I am not sure it’s the best situation for portfolio images or a quality photoshoot. Sometimes.

I got into music photography by chance. I took some photos at a gig several years ago and realised I had a talent for capturing the right moments. While I should add I have studied art and portraiture many years, so perhaps photography is a natural progression. Also as I am a huge music fan it made sense for me and music is my motivation - from Mozart to pop.

Snowpatrol Bellahouston