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Friday 30 September 2022

Ukraines Fight to survive: The Freedom Orchestra


The Freedom Orchestra -  Ukraines Fight to survive


Putin’s aim is to not only annex, but to erase Ukraine’s unique and distinctive culture and language. 

Russia has been trying to destroy Ukrainian independence.

It is a battle of national survival. 


You cannot erase the culture.

To heal and bring unity


Ukraine gained its independence 1991, with the end of Soviet Union. 

There was corruption and close ties to Russia, and a hundred protestors were killed.


Silvesteros Ukraine composer.  Symphony number 7


Desperation of the soul

74 Ukrainian musicians.

The orchestra played for all the soldiers who have died in Ukraine – message of continuity and hope. To heal and express Ukraine’s voice. 


The Ukrainian orchestra performed at the BBC proms Albert halls in 2022. 


Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra is an orchestra composed of Ukrainian refugees who have fled the Russian invasion of Ukraine 
 and Ukrainian members of other European orchestras. Canadian conductorKeri-Lynn Wilson, who has Ukrainian ancestry, provided the impetus for the creation of the Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra, which the Metropolitan Opera of New York. and the Polish National Opera immediately supported as a gesture of solidarity with the victims of the war in Ukraine.