Monday, 6 August 2007

The Guillemots QMU

"innovative, surprising, unexpected, melodic"
This new band make me think of dancing on a summer night!

The Guillemots are a unique, uplifting band on the indie scene London hit Glasgow last night and they grabbed attention through a blistering set.
Their lead man, Fyfe Dangerfield, commanded the stage with a strong and expressive voice. On one song he held a small keyboard to his chest and sang acoustically when he held the audience in the palm of his hand. Fyfe has a wide-ranging voice which he used as an instrument.

 A stand out song was the beautiful folky song Made Up Love Song and also the touching Over the Stairs. The guitarist MC Lord Magrao does his own thing, as does the Scottish drummer Greig Stewart and their quiet lady bass player, Aristazabal Hawkes (who also plays double bass) are all top musicians.

This band enjoy making music with free abandon, slashing sax and many more effects. There were shades of the Kinks in their classy blend of the best of pop - soft yet furious at times. While Fyfe's lyrics are creative and imaginative.

They are touring Europe and London.

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