Monday, 25 October 2010

Hurts Oran Mor 4th October 2010

Hurts gave a operatic performance to an appreciative Oran Mor, as part of their first sold out UK tour. They played tracks from their new chart-topping album 'Happiness' - including 'Wonderful Life' and 'Better Than Love'. Hurts play 80s style synth pop with big melodies. They are a British duo from Manchester with singer Theo Hutchcraft and keyboard player Adam Anderson, and there was an expectant air to see this hot new duo.
They were supported by Clare Macguire in a dramatic scarlet red feathered outfit, performing with her rock band one of her very first live shows. She certainly wooed the crowd with her theatrical performance and power vocal- and there are big things expected from Clare. The gig was started with the lovely local Glasgow girl Kelsey Hunter on guitar.

I saw them a few months back at King Tuts and for this Oran Mor gig he was much more at ease and being himself. He projected and interacted well with the audience so that his cool demeanor occasionally let it's guard down when he smiled mischievously for us. With his Hollywood good looks Theo is one dapper dude dressed in a crisp white shirt and dark suit. This time Theo didn't require a comb as his hair was soaked in sweat in the old church crypt! Adam on keyboards is the other half of the Hurts duo, he was wearing braces and has a very short hair cut that takes you back to that era of austerity before the war, it all feels nostalgic of times past. 

Hurts began their set with 'Unspoken' - followed by Silver lining, Wonderful Life, Happiness, Blood Tears and Gold, Evelyn, Devotion ( with Clare singing Kylie's part), and a Kylie song 'Confide In Me.' They finished their set with a flourish with the climatic Illuminated and latest single the crowd pleaser Better Than Love. Theo introduced the song 'Blood Tears and Gold' as a love song. 

The crowd were really up for the gig cheering wildly for the duo. They were backed by a band that included a trained tenor singer who added a certain aplomb to the proceedings. All of Hurts songs went down well, especially the singles 'Wonderful Life' and 'Better Than Love' with most singing along and waving their arms high above them. Aside from their cool look, the big thing Hurts have going for them is moody melodic songs. Their songs have an epic grandeur and are sad and uplifting all at the one time. Theo's mic went flying a few times - and that was rather funny. 

They released their debut single, "Better Than Love" in 2010, and the song "Illuminated" was the soundtrack to Sky1 HD's advert in spring/summer 2010. Hurts will be supporting the Scissor Sisters on their UK tour in December 2010.

Some fun photos from the gig -