Monday, 10 January 2011

Viking Galaxy Nice n Sleazy's Glasgow 11th Dec 2010

This is  a young band having fun with it all. Behind the scenes you sense that thought and care has gone into their music. The band say they are fans of Bach, Earth Wind and Fire, and metal band Mastodon and that they draw from classical, folk and metal for their music - which all makes me think genre matters not at all. 

Viking Galaxy Set list. The Shaft of Agony, The Hall of the Slain, Space Chariots, Galactic Plunder, The Sickle of Hate. 
Band members - Liam Hill (vocals) Matthew Brown (keys), Ross Keightley (bass), Mike Parkins (guitar) and  Andrew Scott (drums).  
The band appeared on stage in their helmets and wigs. Liam is a strikingly tall, engrossing and entertaining front man and he was cool in a leather waistcoat and fur top. They have been writing and rehearsing for several years and it was clear the boys were high about their first gig.

A crowd of young females admirers lined the front of the small stage with shouts of 'I want to have your baby!'  and the packed venue was clearly up for the gig!  Some of the great bands also met at school or university (Muse, Radiohead, Beatles to name but a few) and there is a synergy and bond that informs their music. Mostly they have written catchy tunes with big choruses. Whether the genre is jazz, folk or pop, what ultimately matters is the quality of the tunes. 

They hope to play more gigs in the new year, watch out for them. Their songs are full of good hooks, lifts and energy.  They are Vikings from outer space with high energy and their songs have charged bass, driven drums and rhythms and memorable song titles!