Friday 13 May 2011

GREAT Headlines! It has been a week of stupendous headlines!

A Disney fairytale week! First the 'beautiful princess' Kate Middleton in a dress of ivory lace married her 'handsome prince' (Prince William) who wore an Irish Guard uniform with a scarlet jacket and blue sash. 

On Monday the 'baddie'  -  one of the most evil men of our times - was killed in a raid on his hide-out.
I saw a post about his death on a YouTube clip and I thought at first it was simply a joke!  On checking the BBC Breaking news, I found this was actually real!  In fact the American security team had watched the raid in real time in the White House Situation Room.    

On Thursday the Scottish Nationalist Party won the first majority government for the Scottish Parliament!  Congratulations to them!! I've supported their political ideas and it's fight for Scotland's rights over running it's own affairs since our 'YES' vote in 1979!! Wonderful news.  This is not a vote against England I believe in devolved government.  

I've had excellent news about releases from some artists I support this week too.

Its is like a fairytale or Disney dream week. 
When 'good' ( thoughtful, informed, careful and loving) wishes sparkled above the Magic Castle and 'evil' ( stupidity, ignorance, fear and greed) were banished to the dark dungeons where they belong.
'When you wish upon a star your dreams come true'... and yes I hope this does sound cheesy! 

Yours for Scotland

PS  I've been a trip to London for the art galleries this weekend.  Some wonderful art some not so good - when I wonder about how some art gets it's undeserved attention at all...... one artist had burned some of her art, the best thing she did?