Saturday, 21 April 2012

*Emeli Sande Old Fruitmarket Glasgow 2012

She sings with conviction and hope. What is so cool with Sande is that she keeps it real and old fashioned and about heart and the song. 
Emeli Sande held court at the old worldly Old Fruitmarket Glasgow in April. She is from Aberdeen and previously studied medicine at Glasgow university.

Emily Sande headlined her return gig to Glasgow and she performed songs from her Platinum number one selling debut album, Our Version of Events, which was released in February 2012. Sandé has had two number-one UK charts singles “Read All About It” and “Next To Me” and released her debut single “Heaven” in 2011 which made No 2 in the UK Singles Chart and was also a worldwide hit. Sande has been writing songs for other singers the past years and she has also performed as a guest singer on other artist's albums.
There appeared to be an agenda for big uplifted hairstyles at this gig – re the support acts Seye and Manchester singer Daley! 
Sande owned the stage and she moved around so much when she performed with her band it was hard going for the press photographers to keep up with her!  The excitement before the gig waiting in the pit was palpable and it is intense work at this kind of gig – I have to let my camera do the work....I hope.

She began the set with her forte the 'power ballad with a message' and the song Daddy, followed by dramatic thoughtful songs with Tiger, Suitcase and This Is Where I Sleep. After which Emeli took to piano where her journey began to take the set down for the moving song Clown, followed by Breaking The Law which was also acoustically performed with backing guitar and gave her the chance to express her voice clearly.  Before singing Mountains she said this song was written for her parents. She then took the pace up again with surging new single My Kind of Love.

Her new song Wonder struck many chords with one of those singable choruses she does so well, there were some shades of Coldplay in the chorus and this new songs is surely another hit for her. 'We are all wonderfulpeople/ Why are we so fearful/ Finally finding our voices' - she sang in her hit song with Professor Green. Sande states that her songs are about world peace and political issues.  Emeli finished her gig with a flourish and many in the lively crowd sang along to her songs Wonder, Heaven and Next To Me.  

The strongest parts of the concert were Read all About It, her latest single My Kind of Love and new song Wonder.  One tip - She has a band of excellent musicians with her and one might have wished for them to have been given more opportunities to add to the music.  She has a powerhouse emotional voice that smashes her memorable songs. All in all a most heartfelt, warm and enjoyable feel good gig.

She sings with conviction and hope. In a world full of shallow celebrities, here is a woman of some character and substance. There are not so many strong singers these days who can also write quality songs. What is so cool with Sande is that she keeps it real and old fashioned and about heart and the song.  

It was good to meet her very proud parents. I have met Sande too and she has a warm sincere smile and she spoke of her musical influences with great earnestness. She said she also missed her days in the library, and it cannot have been an easy decision for her to take the risks of pursuing music and to forsake the more regular career path of medicine.  Sande will again be supporting Coldplay on tour. Her next single My Kind of Love will have a tear jerker video. Her album is due for release in America in June and I’d expect her to get good vibes there. Emeli Sandé is a Scottish R and B and soul artist and songwriter.  Sande won the 'Brits Critics' Choice award 2012.

Set List -  Daddy/ Tiger/ Suitcase/ This Is Where I Sleep/ Clown(piano)/ Breaking The Law/ Mountains/ My Kind of love/ Read all About It (Professor Green)/ Maybe/ River(piano)/ Hope/ Wonder/ Heaven/ Next To Me.