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Sunday, 31 January 2021

Citizens Assembly Scotland: What kind of Scotland do we want to build?

Citizens Assembly of Scotland have reported

First ever Scottish Citizens Assembly with 100 members of the general public covered a whole range of polices, produced over sixty policy suggestions: with Assembly convener Kate Wimpress.


Their recommendations included - 

The living Wage, rent caps, NHS pay rise, more devolution for Holyrood over such issues as immigration, trade and tax.


The assembly had a Range of demographics,, age , educational attainment, voting intention and background. 


The different viewpoints of the assembly enabled understanding of 'otherness' and a general consensus was built to find common ground as important

The aims of the Assembly was to create an Open space for deliberation -  to walk in each other shoes a bit. They were driven by shared values and many were very supportive of the policies they decided on.. 

The assembly has shown how people can reach consensus and how tough choices do need to be taken. Many recommendations were left of centre policies to build a fairer society. 


And they looked at issues through a constitutional lens.