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Friday 30 April 2021

Scotland and Flanders


“Scots as the Bulwark of the Republic.”

Scotland has long historic ties over to the Netherlands through trade, travel and settlement. 

Scotland’s ties to Flanders – there were many Flemish settlements in upper Clydesdale, Biggar: Scots travelled over to Bruges, in Flanders 14th century for trade in textiles, wool. They travelled from Berwick upon Tweed to Bruges. 


Song – “Will ye go to Flanders”


Scotland’s language is littered with Flemish words – “hoose, scones, tennis balls, malt men,”

And Flemish names – Graham, Douglas, Brenner, Murray.


Scots went to Bruges mercantile hub for shopping – Scottish square – where they sold

tapestries, velvet cloaks, jewellery, guns, weapons, luxury goods, fashion, metals. In Bruge there is the Scottish square, and the Chapel St Andrews Bruges

They held great Burgundy tournaments, feasts and pageants – when men wore elaborate black velvet cloaks trimmed with fur.


James Stewart  II married Mary of Kelders

The Mons Meg canon was sold to the King of Scots in 1457


The United Dutch Republic and the Protestant Reformations formed stronger links, and over to Scotland. The Dutch Wars of Independence followed.  Dates - 

And Belgium became part of the Spanish Catholic Hapsburg empire.


Scotland and the Netherlands

1648 Calvinist international 1572 Scots First Brigade. 17th century – new alliance with the Dutch

1629 Prince William of Orange who married Mary Stuart, daughter of Charles Stuart


(The Stewart name was changed by Mary Queen of Scots during her growing up in France.)


Culture matters a great deal to how we imagine our futures – since 2014, many of us have watched major productions with Scots ties - 

Outlander, the musical Hamilton and the tv series  Succession. I’m affected a great deal by the traditional Scots music at Celtic connections music festival Glasgow.