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Tuesday 7 February 2023

Le Vent du Nord Joie de Vivre Old Fruitmarket Glasgow!


Le Vent du Nord brought their Joie de Vivre to the Old Fruitmarket Glasgow!

Le Vent du Nord, Canadian folk group from Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu Quebec. performed at the Old Fruitmarket Glasgow, at Celtic Connections music festival 2023. This award-winning band collect French folk songs of Quebec and they celebrated their 20th year with their 11th  album ‘20 Printemps.’ 


They are regular visitors to the festival, and embrace its cross-cultural ethos. Vent du Nord play truly their own blend of world folk and mix the music of the Balkans, traditional French song and northern American traditions. Their influences come from Brittany, Ireland, the songs of Appalachia and the beats of the American south. 


**Vent du Nord means “wind of the north” certainly blew our minds with their joyous energy and fun and love of music – and with humorous banter between songs! The band brought their infectious party atmosphere to the sold out Fruitmarket crowd, 


The band play both original and traditional music. They performed tunes from their most recent album - “Marianne” with a harmony that builds over the hurdy gurdy and dynamic fiddle. The high impact of beautifully controlled a cappella singing for the song “L’Auberge” with the band centre stage. The Irish rhythms of the instrumental “La Centaurée”, was then followed by the get up and dance beats of “Tour du Monde” and guitar and bouzouki counterpoint on “Petit Rêve IV.” 

 a cappella singing for the song “L’Auberge” 

This band use ‘foot-tapping’, bass and traditional instruments rather than drums; along with the swirls of hurdy gurdy, 
bouzouki, and accordion. The crowd were ready to party.

Later in the show, to increase the impact, the band were joined by Scots band Breabach, and Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis. The group play with many threads interconnecting – the band truly connect with many Celtic traditions in their unique brand of melting pot.  A genuinely joyous show!

Celtic concerts always makes me think of warm reds and browns, and this show very much encapsulated all this warmth, joy and passion for live music, and for our traditions and connections.


View from the pit

*Le Vent du Nord are Simon Beaudry on guitar, bouzouki and vocals; Nicolas Boulerice on hurdy-gurdy, piano and vocals; André Brunet on fiddle, foot tapping and vocals; Réjean Brunet on button accordion, bass guitar and vocals; and Olivier Demers on fiddle, foot tapping and vocals.

Dallahan provided a suitably upbeat and strong support band for tonight show. They play trad music of the Balkans and North America. They’ve had success with their unique style of world folk, which they mix with contemporary influences 


Sunday 11 June 2017

Macron's New Future

Promises a new dawn in France of progressive socialism – business friendly, more democracy in Europe, based on a stronger vision and identity for France. He’s a breath of fresh air in Europe, in the centre ground. Politics are no longer about out-dated empires or right or left (this is all good news for Scotland). 

Our divergence and diversity of views is our very strength and what makes us human. Clamping down on an ‘open press’ – turns us to our dark side; the side of fear of strangers or strangeness and the fear of the unknown - rather than be open to travel, to new ideas and to ‘otherness.’

Macron has offered France hope for another way – can we offer Scotland this too? The far right unionist media’s response is funny - they are a bit scunnered and they had been hoping for another crazy far right nutter in Le Pen with headlines – 'Populisms weeps across Europe.' (or sweeps)

Scotland has to choose now whether to be tied and restricted by a Brexit England, isolated from Europe and desperate for far away deals with corrupt and murdering governments – or wanting to be the 51st state of Trump’s America. It’s a prospect for failed capitalist, imperialist polices.
What will a foolish Brexit mean for the Arts, culture, music and writers? Or writing for an American or Chinese audience, while we try to ignore our European past? Yes in recent times we’ve had Hollywood cinema and Netflix, but when we dig deeper to the centuries before, we find our close ties and our very European past.