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Tuesday 23 July 2013

Music Notes July

I noticed that guitarist and songwriter extraordinaire Nile Rodgers played a fun set at Glastonbury 2013.  I caught him sing and speak a very entertaining set at EIBF (Edinburgh International Book festival) last year for a late evening slot at the Unbound session in the Speigel tent. Those funky Le Chic bass lines got everyone in the groove that night and his stories too.
In other news Thom Yorke and Atoms for Peace, played a killer set with Flea (of Red Hot Chillis fame) firing up his bass and there is a great review in the Times - I can just feel the sparks fly! I first heard Radiohead live in Edinburgh, where I was totally caught up in their energy and feel of their immersive ever-evolving soundscapes. 

Also the headliners at some of the major summer UK festivals have been less of a draw in my view. 

PS I love Fleetwood Mac, but their sound is a bit dated now!