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Thursday 21 October 2021

Loss of Biodiversity


Campsie hills

Urgent need to restore nature and make Conservation Pay

Urgent need to plant trees


World at 75% biodiversity


The UK at 53% biodiversity and in the bottom 10%.


The River Dee in Aberdeenshire: in the 1960s 40% of the young salmon returned up the river – today it is only 2%! Salmon are an indicator of how life is doing in our rivers. 

Fish suffer thermal stress above 23 degrees, our rivers are now at 26 degrees over the summer.  the river valley used to be 70/80% trees, now at 8% trees. 

There is a plan to plant one million trees along the river banks to provide shade. 

Natural Forrest multi-colours Fall New England

This devastating lack of trees in Scotland, with only 4% natural forests, is not only about industry here UK, but about wood for the trenches in the world war. Scotland has had its wildlife and forests plundered and exploited, with its empty glens and often only one tree.

Tuesday 31 December 2019

Year of Flux and Turmoil

Change doesn’t mean we forget the past – we forget the past at our peril. 

The days are cold and frost lays heavy on the ground, but we must reflect this is a crossroads time – and we must now make important choices for our futures. Can we make a better future in the UK as a group of indy nations – like other modern states do? Can this be more successful? But what exactly does success mean? Does it mean more money in our back pockets, or saving the planet? Does it mean a well-being culture alongside successful businesses? 

Saving our planet from climate erosion is now a urgent priority. 
One dominant theme is the mistrust of politicians, but it is also mistrust of the media and press, who are supposed to inform us?

2019 ends with another major UK election but will it settle anything?
We are at the end of a decade and look forward to 2020. Our years of turmoil end with a major election in which choices were stark. Boris is a selfish, scheming chancer, and I have no trust in him or his side-kick Cummings. England continues to tie itself into knots. The trouble is Labour are providing no opposition. Will Ireland consider reunification – if so will Scotland vote for Indy?

In America there are several strong women role models I admire, women who give back – Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Angelie Jolie, Hilary Clinton and more. In Scotland and the UK I struggle to think of good, present day female role models though – Nicola Sturgeon, Anita Roddick, Virginia Woolfe, 

*HEROES of 2010s - Greta Thunberg, Obama, Andy Murray, 

I’ve believed change can only occur in small places, at the grassroots level and while we must see the big picture.

**The Past Decade
I look at photos of the 2010s
The early years were hopeful – we had Obama, a UK coalition, hope of Scottish indy, 
The decade held many tragedies – Grenfell, Windrush Trump, Brexit, Boris, climate crisis. 

Now we have chaos, and rich oligarchs gaining more power, and wealth.
Sometimes the world goes off its axis, and I hope it will right itself again!
Its hard to understand the Brexit vote – but Fintan O’Toole is the best read(Irish Times)

**Looking ahead 2020
Celtic Connections January 2020
Climate conference Glasgow, November 2020
700 years since 1320 Declaration or Arbroath, April 2020

HAPPY HEW YEAR FOR 2020, I took a late walk on the moors in the gloamin tonight and the sky was a perfect glow. Hope its a good sign for the year ahead!

***Time is now running out ** 
We are facing several major crises. Its crucial we see the urgency of our decisions.

*Respect for our Past
I worry some have little regard for culture, history or past stories. This isn’t about dusty books on shelves – but is essential to understand our choices today 
Scotland’s only hope is indy in Europe. 

And we do have horrific images to witness – dying species, melting ice sheets, dangerous fires, severe floods, 

Letter to EU 
I hope those in Europe understand why Scots seek indy now. Brexit is not about the EU. Its about English nationalism, and about a UK creaking and not fit for purpose. The UK today is a disunited kingdom – all 4 nations are not working well together. Both Ireland and Scotland are on different trajectories: and many in Ireland are seriously considering and debating reunification for the first time. 
Only 10 years ago the SNP had only a few MPs, now it has 80%. The SNP is socially democratic and progressive and not about racism in any shape or form: and totally opposite to other nationalist parties in Europe. Scottish nationalism is inclusive and outward-looking: it is empathically not narrow, elitist or exclusive. For centuries Scots heritage and ideals have been ones of travel on our seas to distant lands  Its English nationalism that is right wing. Perhaps it is in essence the Scottish democratic party? JK Rowling claims her villain Voldemort would be a ‘nationalist’ – its clear she totally misunderstands our Yes Movement. Its about the right of an ancient nation to self determination: and to have equal rights to those in the south! No more, no less.