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Sunday 16 September 2012

London Music

I look through NME 2012 ( or Q also) and I am so bored of the music coming out from the London labels these days – the predictable rock bands, samey pop for the tweeny market, and the introspectiveness of the guitar singer songwriter. There is little original. it is all to a preset formula - like a recipe that worked before and saying ‘well let’s just stick with what we know will sell.’ It is boring and samey.

Any true creativity offering something new never happens in the mainstream but rather in the peripheral edges.
There are the performers - Let Me Entertain You Robbie - and then is there is the real side of art and music the writers and creatives and that interests me.
As Joni Mitchell said, you can’t start out wanting to be both.  Elton, Carly Simon, Dylan and Emeli Sande all started out as writers and later were performers also.