Sunday, 16 September 2012

Music September

Some new albums worth checking out. 

Bob Dylan - 'Tempest' (tracks Scarlet Town, Soon After Midnight, Long and Wasted Years.) 

The XX - Coexist/  Mumford - Babel/  Muse - The 2nd Law/  Lucy Rose - Like I Used to/  Jerry Douglas - Traveller /  Plan B - Ill Manors (She Said,)

Douglas's album include a version of The Boxer with Mumford and Paul Simon no less. Also the lovely vocal of Allison Krauss on a song. Sitting alongside Douglas's exuberant dubro playing this all sounds excellent!    

Dylan at 71 continues to surprise us! : )  Dylan has written a track for his friend John in his latest album "Tempest" entitled "Roll On John".....for his friend John Lennon …. Dylan shows, through the prism of a broken heart, how the living carry the memory of those who have gone — and how that, in some small way, keeps these lost loved ones walking among us." [by Nick DeRiso -- excerpted from "something else".]  Bob Dylan's new album TEMPEST is available everywhere today. Download now at

These days it's all about music sharing.