Saturday 25 June 2016

CELTIC Interconnections Against Imperialism

Celtic Arts & Identity
This exhibition explores our interconnectedness throughout Northern Europe. 
In their article historians Alan Raich and Alexander Moffatt, discuss the many Celtic connections in the fight against reactionary imperialism.  And their way of marking beliefs and expressing power and understanding our heritage and place in the world. 

There are many Acts of Renaissance – meaning rebirth – decided acts of cultural rejuvenation, all across northern Europe, in opposition to reactionary ideas of imperial authority. 
The "only way this emphasis can be fully delivered is through the arts.” Celtic art draws inspirations from plants and animal life.

**The EU is not a Super state – neither a state nor an empire but a union of states and peoples whose policies were arrived at through consensus seeking and compromise.

“British nationalism and legacy of imperialism, comes to the 21st century through contemporary mass media every day and evening”

What are the repercussions of Brexit.

Firstly, many appear to believe the lies in the media – from migrants taking peoples jobs to believing their standard to living will increase with a Brexit. The poor have been hood-winked by a Tory elite and those in London who have been amassing millions on their properties.

Secondly majority of young people voted to stay in the EU. They already feel let down by the older generation – and now they feel old people, who pine for long lost good old days of empire – are dragging them out .

Now England wants its independence there’s a lot for Scotland to consider.

Scotland now has to choose  – do we want to be part of Europe or part of the UK?