Friday, 30 March 2018

We must all Play Our Part

We live in very challenging times and its not okay to sit on the fence anymore. 
In her book Left Bank, Agnes Poiries writes of the citizens in Paris who stood by and did nothing during the war. The war taught people that indifference bred only chaos, and that everyone must take sides and engage with the world.
History tell us trade wars, higher prices and unemployment has led before – to armed conflicts. The EU may have flaws but it has meant peace for over 70 years.

I am dismayed, deeply saddened and also angry with the ignorance and stupidity of May and her team of Brexiters. Every expert says Brexit will mean a weaker economy. You couldn’t make it up! The UK is being badly mismanaged. May is an ‘all things to everyone person’ – she is also a say one thing do another person….
None of the Brexit makes any sense. Its like wading through treacle.

**A Constitutional Crisis is looming here. The Withdrawal Bill was to repatriate 111 devolved powers back to Westminster. Westminster has now agreed to devolve 86 – sticking points are around the key issues of farming, fishing and environmental protection. In “real’ federal nations the devolved states have to give their ‘consent ‘ – Westminster say only that they will ‘consult’ .  Its clear that the Devo Max promised us actually means Devo mini.

Any trade agreement with the US will allow the imports of chlorinated chickens - chicken that have limited light and ventilation, increases the risk of disease. In US 1 in 7 contract a food related illness every year – compared to only 1 in 70 in the UK. Should we give these powers away to Westminster?

There is no mention of Scotland or Wales in all this – ‘take back control’ appears to mean take back control of Scotland and our resources, such a fishing will be sold down the river yet again to protect London’s financial interest .  We will loose the Scotland brand and Scottish products are already being sold under Union Jackery. Scottish business and farmers will be hardest hit by Brexit. Farmers have always relied on seasonal workers – and are already hit by the loss of EU workers. The EU send an uplift for crofters and hill farmers (LFASS) – and the UK government then unfairly spreads this money around ALL the UK farmers.

Musician and writer Pat Kane writes of the “innovative spirit “ of small nations such as Iceland, Finland, Estonia – and how we must all be more aware and alert. He writes there is ‘no shortage of inventions and reforms are pursuable under indy … but it all has to be rooted  in a fully mindful population. ‘  Many of us felt as citizens , fully awake in 2014.’   National March 2018.
In a free trading block of  independent or federal nations, everyone pulls together and sovereignty is with the people. 
The robber barons are getting richer, we lack leadership and something has to give. A return to old devisions and borders is no answer. The answers are in the ordinary people and in the sovereignty of the people and the people need to be heard and listened to

**Beware of British nationalists media control – BBC, Daily Mail, Daily Express etc.
If we don’t all engage with the world and these seismic changes (all the don’t knows) then we end with poor or even disastrous decisions such as Trump, Cambridge Analytics and Brexit.  Only 4% of broadcasting jobs are in Scotland, while 62% of broadcasting jobs are in London. The British establishment is very clever at media manipulation and control through covert and financial mean, its had centuries of practice!
We’ve had great thinkers in Scotland  - or the Declaration of Arbroath to philosopher and poet George Buchanan. His memorial is just north of me at the bonny village of Killearn.