Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Why Photos Matter

One of my main focuses with photography is making music images.

Some musicians understand the importance of good photos for their promotions. 
I believe that a great image has a great significance for an artists career. Then again perhaps great artists make great images?
The reverse is that a poor image can have unfortunately a detrimental effect on prospects. 

A few of the great images that have inspired me. I was always inspired by great images in those Life magazines way back and then by those jazz images.... I love the stories in great images... 

Frank Sinatra Albert hall London
When I arrived at the the Royal Albert hall London in November 2012 - I thought wow - to take an image like this of Frank Sinatra on stage....
I read of a photographer just happening to be at the right place, at the right time and was taken on a Paul McCartney’s photographer for his tour. Wow, I thought maybe one day too I would take images of some of my all time musical heroes. And I have – Elton John, Fleetwood, Dylan, and yes McCartney too..
Here are a few of my top photos that have been used for artists promotions. 


I continue to cover concerts, festivals and events, while I do focus on several other projects too. So why has music been a focus for my photography? Music has always been a life long passion since I played piano songs at the age of seven and art is another big passion.
The great thing has been combining the two with music photography. 

My other focus is portraiture, which is no easy task and a patient challenge to capture something a bit different and the character and moods. 
Ian Rankin
Alexander McCall Smith
I needed to allow space, movement, escapism, movement and time for dreams in my images. Time to escape in the moment.
I’ve had shoots with hours of time when the artists, the musicians, the dancers who have put their hearts on the line, after their commitment to gruelling hard graft, and that's usually when I take my best photography.  

Culture matters. Our stories matter. 
TESTIMONIALS: 'you use the light exceptionally well, full of life.’ 'You have a wonderfully observing & imaginative eye.' ''you're really very talented & have a great eye - it's a rare skill!' 'they are fab as always, you're truly amazing at your art' 
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Photography is a truly ‘eye-opening’ and blessed experience: whether the blue-greys of a new day, the long glow of dusk, shared laughter, intense depth in a singer, or majestic mountains, and to capture those rare moments of quiet reflection, an inner sense if special connections. This being in touch is highly rewarding, makes you appreciate beauty and soul wherever you might find it. 

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A state of grace – Perceptions
'I’m a big fan of your work, very animated.'
The next photo is always the best one – and the way it should be. ‘the universal sense of quest, daring and growth.’ J Baldwin.