Sunday 31 May 2020

MUSIC in Pandemic times

Music in the UK is a 5 billion industry, with 1 billion in live music. Music supports 200K jobs – who will need longer term support.

For concerts to return – we must protect the workforce along with medical advice. There is a risk of loosing small venues. If we loose small venues, we will loose the talent pipelines. Glasgow boast world beating small venues, I hope they can survive – King Tuts, Barrowlands, Oran Mor, more.

Yet we are listening to more and more music.
Online concerts, sometimes from venues are happening.
Also drive in concerts!

Music Broth -  Is delivering musical instruments and repairing instruments: to give access to music for many who would no be able to afford to. Plus repairing second hand instruments. 

Music Broth is Scotland’s Musical Instrument and Equipment Library. Our mission is to make music more accessible to all. We do this through sharing our 1000+ item library of musical instruments and equipment accessible to anyone seeking support for your musical ventures and adventures! We support individuals, bands, families, and organisations. 

Music is an act of self-care. To keep in touch with creative abilities and skills. To express ourselves and communicate.

" People expressing themselves will be there long after the Covid crisis is over."