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Wednesday 16 February 2011

Brits 2011

Late February - and Awards ceremonies time yet again began with the Baftas and the lavish Brits this week. Often I have to admit to complete boredom with the samey brash American dancing girls, and wonder is this awards ceremony really about music at all.. On the other hand perhaps awards help us to reflect on the past year. My year always starts with Celtic in January. Then I enjoyed Mumford and Laura Marling in March 2010. I noted that Mumford had a terrific gig response at the summer festivals - and the packed audience at the ABC was certainly bouncing through their set.

BRITS 2011:  Mumford won - British Album, Laura Marling - British Female Solo Artist,  Plan B - British Male Solo Artist, Take That - British Group.  Arcade Fire - International Album.  The lovely Adele sang her 'Someone Like You' - I am sort of impressed this year.  The Brits

I even wrote up a little poem (!) last April to  -   
Mumford and Marling in Mombai
Along with
Winston, Ben and Ted Twane, 
Our English countrymen,
We find India.

A place of exhilarating colours, confusions and contradictions..
We perform at Bandra Fort
Where the seats are grass steps.
We crossed those lines, sought
Refuge in high stars and strange crowded pathways.

In Delhi, we caught the feared Delhi runs
Where cows and naked children run free -
In the bustle and chaos of street markets
We wander.
We do the Dharahar Project
With Indian songs over 500 years old -
And that's when our English folk feels oh so new.