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Monday 6 March 2017

Varsity Vocals A acapella Finals

Aberpella, Aberdeen
I recently attended such a high quality concert Varsity Vocals -  ICCA UK quarter finals at the Queens hall Edinburgh. It was clear the commitment, time and effort all the groups had put in –

Cosmopolitan (Leeds), Accidentals, Aberpella, Northern Lights, Alley Cats, Songsmiths, The Other Guys,

By chance I watched Shine’ on BBC  a show of boy bands thrown together by Gary Barlow and the standard of harmony singing, timing, rhythm, presentation, musicianship was dire by comparison.

Three the groups got through to the semi-finals at the New Wimbledon theatre London – Accidentals, St Andrews; Aberpella, Aberdeen; Northern Lights Durham.
Northern Lights (Durham)
Well done to all!

(The winner of the semi- final will attend the final in New York.)