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Thursday 30 June 2022

The Rise of Tik Tok


Kate Bush

The streaming of music changed the music charts 2009 to 2010, with new download charts and push back. Buying music CDs was once the only effect of music charts

Streamings started to count towards the charts

Tik Tok has introduced older music to a new generation. Download videos and short 15 seconds of music and dance moves.

YouTube has also been an important site for music, especially live music. 


Tik Tok – 

Harry Styles has been up against Kate Bush with her Running up that Hill’ by Kate Bush 1985, because of plays on the Netflix show Stranger Things


Early 2019 – a drumbeat $30, millions used it) artist shot to fame – old town road unpredictable.


Sam Ryder’s ‘Starman’ gained success through Tik Tok and the Eurovision song contest

Another song having Tik Tok success is ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac


Plus an impact of cover versions.

Traditionalists may not like it, but music fans are more in control

 Another add on having an affect on the music industry and charts. Its been organic and not over commercialised and more engineered.

Thursday 20 December 2012

Glasgow Independent Record shops

LOVE music, 34 Dundas Street, Glasgow, G1 2AQ
Love Music specialises in new, indie and alternative vinyl and CDs. Important section of Glasgow's music scene with a great selection of local acts and specialises in indie, rock, punk and Americana. Love Music Glasgow is an Independent Record Shop in Glasgow, the shop was previously known as Avalanche Records.
Love Music Glasgow is an old-school independent record shop, selling both new and second-hand music. They buy and sell CDs, vinyl LPs & singles, music DVDs and movies on DVD, as well as a range of merchandise such as T shirts, coffee cups, fridge magnets etc. They specialise in rock music, in all its various forms. They are supportive of local groups and record labels and stock hundreds of unsigned artists. They also do in-store performances and signings - Moby, KT Tunstall, James Blunt, Futureheads. 

Monorail, 12 Kings Court, King Street, Glasgow, G1 5RB

Rubadub Records, 35 Howard Street, Glasgow, G1 4BA
Specialist record shop.

Missing Records, 247 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G2 8DL

Alba Second-Hand Music, 55 Otago Street, Glasgow, G12 8PQ

Play It Again* Records, 47 Ruthven Lane, Glasgow, G12 9BG

Fopp Records Westend
From its origins as a one-man stall in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1981, it expanded to a chain of over 100 branches[ throughout the country in 2007. With the demise of Music Zone, Fopp became the third largest specialist music retailer in the UK in terms of store numbers (after HMV and Virgin Megastore). Shortly after the takeover of rival chain Music Zone, Fopp went into administration in June 2007, resulting in the closure of many of its stores. Eight stores survived and are operating under the Fopp brand as an independent part of the HMV group.
The first Fopp store was a market stall in Decourcey's Arcade near Bryes Road in Glasgow opened 1981 by Gordon Montgomery.
The Leamington spa store was reopened as Head, a separate store from Fopp, but retaining Fopp's stock and assets. The HEAD store opened on 2007 and employed some of its predecessor's former employees. The store hosts regular performances from local bands, to allow musicians, artists and authors from Leamington and its surrounding areas to sell their work. This was initially a single store, but has expanded into a chain of four sites.

And least we may not all be swallowed up by some big media conglomerates.....Let's remember Virgin media was once a tiny shop in Rose Street Edinburgh owned by Richard B and a pal.. small beginnings...and yes small is sometimes better. Support your small local shops.