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Thursday 2 February 2012


My blog has reached 10,000 hits this week! I’m very grateful for all who’ve come over and enjoy reading my posts. An especially big hello to those from Russia and other far away places who also love music. I hope you enjoy Scottish music too! My passion is obviously for good music. That is what motivates me with my writing and photography. It’s the music that makes me want to travel miles and to spend hours sorting and editing photos. The Music that inspires ….

I grew up in Edinburgh and now live north of Glasgow (as well as living ten years in the States) - which I hope gives me some unique perspectives. I also play piano and my children are all musicians.
I started my Blog in 2007 with a few reviews. Last year in 2011 I started to take my Music Blog more seriously.  I’ve been a serious music photographer since late 2007 and I concentrate on portraiture. While social photography interests me, my main focus is in portraits. 

I attend Celtic Connections Glasgow each January and Edinburgh Book festival in August, as my two main events.

The rest of the year my main interest is in new artists coming up.  I’m excited that Emeli Sande, who I took photos of in 2007, is releasing her first album in February. I've taken photos at Milngavie Folk club and some wonderful artists there, while 'folk music' at times needs to shake itself up?  Still tradition and heritage matter hugely too. While the past year my main focus has been my writing work for which I hope my book (or books) may be evolving… I live with dreams and hopes…

My photography site -
And many thanks to all those who've encouraged my work and believe in me (some who are not still here with me, my friends June and Helen) - my friend Carole and to my son Ross.