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Tuesday 29 September 2015

Kilmartin Glen

Stone structures Kilmartin Glen
I have just been reading about the stone age cathedral at Brodgar of Ness - a site recently found in Orkney of an ancient temple older than Stonehenge or the Pyramids and the largest Neolithic stone structures in Britain. Over 10,000 people attended great ceremonies here. I was amazed to learn about! Historian McHardy claims that civilization as we know it, did not begin in the south and then travel northwards.

And also of the stone structures at Kilmartin Glen in Stuart Hardy's 'Scotland Future History'. I have some images of 'Kilmartin Glen' from a few years ago. I had no idea the significance of them - having learnt all about the Tudors doing my higher History in Edinburgh!

Scotland's history is changing. What pasture of the Scottish past should we pass on to future generations?

McHardy suggests we should stop all this teaching of Roman empire building, encouraged by the elite to perpetuate myths of superiority, and start to look at other stories of working together instead. The most successful and happiest countries are not those that subjugate and keep down-trodden one segment of society, as if the pie is too small to be shared.

"There is a subject called British history, but as far as I can discover it consists of English history, with an occasional side-glance at Scotland at times when Scotland crossed England's path. This is a society devoted to the study and furtherance of Scottish history, and it seems a little odd to me that this educational policy should still prevail. It is calculated to condition the Scottish mind into turning instinctively towards London with the submission of the Moslem turning towards Mecca."  Lord Cooper, President of the court of Session, to the Scottish history Society 1948.

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