Friday 17 April 2020

Events for 700 Anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath

The  Declaration is the first statement in history to define the democratic rights of people and nations. A great moral declaration: that the people are sovereign. A political document. It was written by a number of aristocrats, lairds and senior clerics who pleaded for protection from English aggression. The declaration was a letter to the Pope to recognise Scotland and Robert the Bruce. It states that sovereignty lies with the Scottish people, and that they should elect their sovereign – that the freedom of the kingdom is more important than the person. 

- Wee Ginger dug on the Declaration of Arbroath anniversary, National newspaper -

- GRIT orchestra The Declaration compositions, led by Greg Lawson

- RADIO SCOTLAND – Billy Kay -

**Arbroath FILM with Leslie Riddoch
New film “Declaration; the letter of liberty”, 
It’s the product of an amazing Covid-imposed online collaboration between filmmaker @cherlieboy, composer Patrick Doyle and myself. Our aim is to make sure the 700th anniversary of Scotland’s most famous historic document is not forgotten. -