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Wednesday 31 July 2019

Scottish Music 2019

Scottish Music 2019 

Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Love
C Duncan - Like you Do (Garden)
Young Fathers
Pronto Mama

CD Duncan – blissful digital dive into soft, anxious romance. 
Young Fathers – “shroud their soulfulness in a murk of machine chunks, wall of noise and serial loops. Their social tension.”

Rip it Up Vic Galloway – Exhibition and book on the story of Scottish Pop music.

Pat Kane writes in the National June 2018
“Here’s a history – a tradition even - of creative dissatisfaction, of endlessly fizzing fireworks in the suburbs, small towns and city centres of Scottish life.
A good flourishing society needs security but it also needs risk. When Scottish pop is exploding loudly its an indication that we’re holding that balance in a sweet spot. “

I am very encouraged to hear it is still about great melodies and anthems, those packed crowds can sing along to.

*Trnsmt – Showcase too for new artists - Catherine McGrath, Tom Grannan -

Doune the Rabbithole/ -

Comment to new Scottish channel
More music, culture and art please.
Not only aimed at twenty year olds. 

“We’re all looking for a lyric, or a melody or a groove ot bind the crowd together. 
And audiences want to embed in themselves a collective memory.” Pat Kane