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Friday 5 February 2016

Blazin Fiddles were on fire at #ccfest

Blazin fiddles are an accomplished and richly diverse fiddle band who produce a well honed and balanced sound.... There was tight interplay, interwoven tunes with plenty of foot tapping and stomping. Their reels flow in crashing and resolution waves.  

Blazin Fiddles are -  Angus Lyon, Anna Massie, Bruce MacGregor, Jenna Reid, Kristan Harvey and Rua Macmillan.
Excellent tunes and musicality. Most enjoyable. 

Blazin' Fiddles came together not as a band but as a one-off project for the Highland Festival in 1998 - to showcase the particular styles and voices of the Highlands and Islands' fiddle. What started out as a few tunes played together has resulted in Blazin' Fiddles becoming one of the most exciting and talked about folk bands in the country.