Thursday, 9 July 2015

Scottish Writers museum

Scottish Writers museum
There are possible plans to have a proper Scottish Writers museum perhaps next to the Scottish library.  
At present there is a very small Scottish Writers museum at the top of the mound in Lady Stairs close, with only access up a narrow staircase and that houses only the writers Robert Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson and Walter Scott.  

I visited the wonderful and colourful Dublin and a few years back and I was highly impressed with the Irish writers museum housed in an impressive historic building.
I visited Dublin once - home of Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Yeats and others and the Irish Writers museum was inspiring to visit. I had thought I'd find the city of music here - but instead it was the city of poetic words, slightly off-centre colours, a large open heart and.... a singing bus tour guide of course!  
Irish Writers museum
I notice in the Sunday Times magazine today that they list great biographies of American and English literature greats with not one mention of any great Scot there.  So here is an excellent biography by the poet and professor at St Andrews, Robert Crawford, of the unmatchable Scottish songs smith and poet Robert Burns - The Bard .