Sunday 12 February 2017

Exhibition My Celtic Connections Photos

I have an Exhibition of some of my Celtic Connections Music Photos at the Old Fruitmarket this year! I can't believe this is my 10th year taking Photos there! Thanks to the media team at Celtic. : )

This was my 10th year shooting at Celtic Connections festival! Over the years I have attended some of the best concerts and taken some of my top portfolio images at Celtic Connections. I enjoy the buzz, the unique collaborations, the friendly banter, the top quality instruments and musicianship, the late sessions and the exciting young artists, the moving Gaelic songs and perfect singers, the fun and foot-tapping ceilidh bands at the Fruitmarket, the musicians that come from many other countries. I meet so many interesting music fans, photographers and folk musicians there. so Big Thanks to the Celtic Connections team for all their hard work each January!)