Thursday, 31 March 2022

Art Exists to Give


 It is the work of minds alive,


“The great works of literature are inexhaustible- that is one of the things that makes them great. However often you go back to them, they will always have something new to offer.”


"Re-reading is one of the great pleasures that literature offers us.”


A little History of Literature, John Sutherland, IBSN 2014


 “Art exists to give, it is the work of minds alive.”

 "Since government know full well that an ignorant electorate is easier to guide, their interest by and large is not to educate anyone and certainly not to invest in the arts.”

McGrath – “We are in the hands of people with no concern for cultural well being” – 

BOOK – A GOOD NIGHT OUT, Popular theatre, audience, class and form (1987 John McGrath)

Theatre – directness, comedy, music, emotion, variety, effect, immediacy, localism of place, location of performer,

Commercialisation -TV sells American sports, sentiment, patriarchy, tv sells news as a commodity. 


“a set of tricks or disasters adding up to a fictional construct of the world.” The values espoused as fundamentally conservative.

TV is advertising – advertising exists to take stuff from you. Art exists to give."