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Monday, 21 January 2019

Kathleen MacInnes with amiina at Celtic Connections 2019 Review

What an impressive concert. Kathleen is one of Scotland’s foremost Gaelic singers with her broad range and husky tones. To begin her concert she sang Gaelic songs after which she was joined by Icelandic group amiina. Their sound was subtle and sublime with amiina playing gentle drums, violin 

– which beautifully encased Kathleen soothing voice. What a unique combination

The sounds produced were haunting, island journeys, with atmospheric soundscapes. Amiina were the string section of Icelandic avant rock sound sculptors Sigur Ros. The band performed three of their own tracks, and showed their diversity and richness of sound. 

They performed a poem by Alexander MacColl Smith, The Waves that Bear the Saints. Kathleen is from south Uist and won Gaelic singer 2006, (Scots Trad music awards).  A quality and thoroughly enjoyable concert.

They was supported by the excellent four part harmonies of Irish singers Landis.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Rachel Sermanni at Celtic Connections 2016

Rachel Sermanni was the quality support for Grant tonight and in contrast to John Grant's large bass tones - she is delicate, petite and has an ethereal, soft focus voice. 

I have heard her perform a few times with only her acoustic guitar, in fact the first time was at the Celtic Connections Danny Kyle open mic stage a few years back, where as a winner she first received attention for her music. So this was the first time I have heard her with a full, high quality band and with a chance to add more depth to her sound.

Her new album release Tied to the Moon, explores earthier themes and she spoke of how women are tied to the moon's cycles, wheras men are tied to the sun.  
 Her final song was a lullaby, The Camp before the Storm a song about her future self. A beautiful new voice and songstress!

(She might introduce her songs more I wondered.)

Thursday, 11 June 2015

T Break stage

T Break stage has 20 years of developing Scotland's diverse musical counter culture.

Scotland’s largest music festival began in 1997 -
has provided a platform in the past for new Scottish talent coming through such as stadium fillers Snow Patrol, Biffy Clyro, Twin Atlantic, Frightened Rabbit and Travis.

The stage also tells of the important musical underground – of DIY Labels, the counter-culture and musical evolutions.
The indie pop, loud and melodic Lungleg who played at T Break also in 1997 – were part of a thriving Scottish grassroots scene that gave rise toClub Beatroot (RM Hubbert, Franz Ferdinand) and Chemikal Underground. (Bis, Delgados, Arab Strap)

There are many subcultures and genres – from vintage, rockabilly, hip-hop, folk, electronica, blues-punk, cult-pop, and neo-classical metal.

Other popular Scottish bands given a platform at T Break – Prides, Paws, Admiral Fallow, Chrvches, The Unwinding Hours.

T Break Stage 2015 - 
AmatrArt, Apache Darling, Catholic Action, Be Charlotte, Gerry Cinnamon, The Van T’s, Dead Man Fall, Crash Club, Our Future Glory, Tijuana Bibles, Divides, Our Future Glory, Schharff Schnarff, Ded Rabbit, Other Humans, Spring Break, The Claramassa,

T in the Park takes place at Strathallan Castle, Perthshire, July 10-12.