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Sunday 31 January 2021

Celtic Connections opening concert 2021

Celtic Connections 2021 Big Band

The opening of Celtic Connections 2021, had sets from some of the very best musicians on both the Scottish and international music scenes, with 12 performances: including fiddler Duncan Chisholm with Scottish Ensemble, Ímar, Fiona Hunter, Kinnaris Quintet, Le Vent du Nord.

Perfect tunes and accomplished musicians. 

Celtic Connections 2021 Big Band, with a quality line up - Donald Shaw, Michael McGoldrick, Greg Lawson, Ross Ainslie and more. They performed new tunes by New Voices series. 

The concert began with pipers led by Finlay MacDonald. Followed by excellent tunes by the Celtic Big band. This was contrasted by perfect harmony singing with Karine Polwart’s ‘Come Away in’ - a welcome song for refugees at the impressive City Chambers – Aaron Jones, Eddi Reader, Siobhan Miller, Rab Noakes, Findlay Napier, Dave Mulligan. 

Followed by festival favourites Le Vent Du Nord from Quebec. 

Fiddler Duncan Chisholm played the tune ‘The Precious Place’ with sweet poignant tones along with Innes Watson, Hamish Napier, Jarlath Henderson & the Scottish Ensemble 

Duncan Chisholm

The concert celebrated cultures from around the world with the energetic singing of Xabier Diaz from Galicia and Adufeiras De Salitre. Also Sona Jobarteh multi-instrumentalist and composer from the Gambia.

The Kinnaris Quartet did an energetic set at the Old Fruitmarket venue with their tune, This Too Shall Pass. Fiona Hunter sang the Burns song ‘Aye Walkin O’. We were also treated to a Gaelic song from Karen Matheson: and fun tunes by young bands Imar and Elephant Sessions. 

Celtic Connections big band   Fiddle: Patsy Reid, Graham Mackenzie, Laura Wilkie, Hannah Fisher. Whistles and Saxophone: Fraser Field. 
Flute and Whistles: Michael McGoldrick
. Pipes and Whistles: Ross Ainslie.  Guitar: Anna Massie, Sorren Maclean
. Percussion: James Mackintosh, Alyn Cosker
. Piano and accordion: Donald Shaw.
 Double bass: Duncan Lyall
. Trumpet: Neil Yates. 
Saxophone: Paul Towndrow. .Trombone: Chris Greive
. Violin: Greg Lawson, Alistair Savage, Fiona Stephen, Kobus Frick Viola: Georgia Boyd, Liam Lynch
.  Cello: Sonia Cromarty, Jessica Kerr

Celtic Connections celebrates Scottish music  and traditions and also places it alongside other global traditions, cultures and music. The festival is about improving our well being by the process of coming together in Glasgow’s most historic buildings. The festival does workshops and talks.  

On the BBC Radio Scotland artistic director Donald Shaw thanked Glasgow Life for organising venues, such as Kelvingrove with amazing grand pianos that were waiting to be played. Siobhan Miller spoke of how emotional and joyous and over-whelming it was to come together in these spaces. 


Friday 31 August 2018

Edinburgh Book Festival (EIBF) 2018 Photos

Karl Ove Knaasgard
Freedom to make the stories that shape us
Freedom to travel, the horizons we will know and understand, different landscapes, challenging people, new perspectives…

Many spoke of moving on from divisions – but also about us all having a voice. Activist and business women Gina Miller said these are dangerous times, we cannot afford to keep quiet, with her book 'Rise'. Chelsea Clinton was there to talk about women's voices, with her book 'She Persisted.' 

Neal Ascherson and James Naughtie the 1968 Year of Unrest and freedom spoke of the Paris riots of 68, in France they continue to believe they can make a difference. Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis spoke of the difficulties inherent in Europe but also the peace it has afforded us. 
Brian May

There is such a wide diversity of writers at EIBF – 
the big established names, the aspiring new writers, award winners, celebrities, sportsmen, politicians, academics, poets, musicians, artists, critics, crime writers, comedians, novelists, illustrators, children’s authors, psychologists, medical writers, economics, business people.

Bringing different voices together from across the globe, creates an inspiring place to exchange ideas, renew and interact..
The book festival provides an important balance to the daft comedy or the absurd at the Fringe - everything goes in August in Edina. The backdrop of Charlottes Square puts EIBF at the heart of Edina’s historic Georgian new town: the photographers come here from Spain and Italy. 
Chris Brookmyre

Paris Riots 68, with Neal Ascherson and James Naughtie
The 1968 Year of Unrest and freedom
Yanis Varoufakis
Karl Ove Knaasgard
Michael Marra: Arrest This Moment
Tom Devine: English in Scotland
Gina Miller; Rise

The Gathering poems – Alexander McCall Smith
Gina Miller
There were problems with several writers gaining visas to attend EIBF. Sadly too this is the last year that Scotland will be in the EU, because of this unwanted Brexit being imposed on us– and this has very serious difficulties for an international festival on this scale. 
Activist and business women Gina Miller said these are dangerous times, and we cannot afford to keep quiet. She spoke of moving on from past divisions – and I agree – but moving past our extreme and feudal wealth divisions will not be so easy. It is the system here that needs changed.
False tribalism and division must end for the sake of our country. But there are differences here. I believe difference and informed different views are essential to reach a realistic consensus. But artificial tribes, around old, ignorant hatreds have no place in a progressive democracy.  It is a total fallacy that ’Brexit’ is about any kind of independence – its about leaving the world’s most successful trading block and stopping immigration. By contrast Scotland needs and desires immigration.  
How can we best protect our civil rights. Maybe if Scotland does this, other parts of England will follow. Recently I saw a map of who owns Scotland recently, and I was shocked by the tiny white sections of publicly owned land. Scotland has the most unequal land ownership in the world. I hope this isn’t all about money and that we can all have an equal voice. We need a culture of equal chances and co-operation, that starts in the early years. of education. 

We must act, and act soon to change all that.  
Chelsea Clinton
Yanis Varoufakis, Maria Alyokhina (Pussy Riot)

**What freedoms do we cherish? Maria Alyokhina fled from Russia to perform in Edinburgh. 

Interesting article on Democracy in Sunday Herald – that into todays world of peer to peer interconnectedness -  this centralised, top down state of government that worked centuries ago is no longer working for us.