Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Photos May 2013

Some exciting times in May!
My son's band, Viking Galaxy played King Tuts on 17th May to a packed and enthusiastic crowd it was all very exciting really!    
I go to many fun gigs - yet it is hard to explain what its like when it is your son's gig at such an iconic venue as King Tuts Glasgow. On the stairs are painted the lists of top bands who have performed here over the years. Simply ultra cool! : ))  Gig photos  -

Emeli Sande sang at the White House for a tribute to the incredible singer songwriter Cariole King!  How amazing that must have been for her.

Some exciting new music releases in 2013 - Biffy Clyro, Haim, James Blake, Laura Marling - who has taken things back to guitar, voice and song (minus band) which perfectly showcases her intimate sound.  

Copyright. I try to be patient when I find my images being used on any major websites or for other promotions such as flyers without requesting my permission for the use of the images…? Most media people are fully aware they should contact the author in the first instance. One site using my image is the Arts Council of England!  Very strange really. Links are always appreciated, but for all my efforts to get the image not really enough!

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