Thursday, 7 August 2014

Edinburgh Book Festival 2014

I look forward to another book festival and fringe shows in Edinburgh this August, for its illuminating talks and world famous writers, for its diversity and colour.

It is about the spoken and written word and the Edinburgh International book festival this year will host ‘Dialogue’ events. Director Nick Barley wants the festival to be an impartial platform for discussion and to encourage free speech.
There are events on the questions in the trouble middle east region today, as well as the imminent Scottish Referendum in September.

The important issue is that we are able to air different views in a way that we are not shouted down.
Also – that the discussions are not about celebrities on artificial pedestals, but rather about the grassroots where everyone is free to have a voice. For me the Scottish questions are one of confidence in our future and in shaping our future country.

For several years the festival has offered a place for writers who are unable to be heard and prevented from speaking by their government – the Amnesty International Imprisoned Writers Conference.  

Having confidence in our future matters hugely. As Nick Barley writes, " We hope that this year's Book festival will help readers and writers of all ages to think about and  discuss how to act positively upon the understanding generated by dialogue. The future of Scotland is in our hands."

Scottish poets have linked to Palestinian voices for the book ‘A Bird is not a Stone’ and Liz Lochhead chairs this event at this years festival.
Often artists can offer images much stronger than mere speeches – through the soul of poetry….

Last year beautiful paper sculptures were given to the festival was a gift.