Thursday 10 February 2022

Neath the Gloamin Sky Opening Concert at Celtic Connections 2022


Hannah Rarity

The opening concert was hosted by the charismatic singer Hannah Rarity and Innes White, this wonderful concert included exciting Imar, and singers Jenny Strugeon, Fiona Hunter, Paul McKenna, Ellie Beaton, and Cameron Nixon. 


Alongside arrangements by the Alligin String Octet, whicfeatures Katrina LeeKana KawashimaSeonaid AitkenKristan Harvey (violins), Patsy ReidRhoslyn Lawton (violas), Alice Allen and Julia Wagner (Cellos), and a house band that included the talents of Anna Massie and Megan MacDonald.


The concerts aim was for the young folk artists to celebrate the folk revival with their perfect harmonies, on both new and old songs. And Hannah Rarity on Bonny Glen Shee - with their honest heart and soul. Bring it on!