Monday, 11 February 2013

Blog Thoughts February

I'm enjoying my read of Neil Young's Waging Heavy Peace' - what a character!
And 'hippydom' in California... Those were such free, idealistic times.. 

I had a lovely evening of music on Friday. I saw English folk band Bellowhead who were exhilarating and I got some fun shots. Processing after the show I was treated to my favourite music on BBC 4 (I had sent in a request!?) - George Harrison's concert for Bangladesh, and after Mozart concerto for clarinet. Thanks Channel 4. Harrison, Clapton, Dylan, Mozart - some of my best loved artists and tunes. Perfect.  

Do we speak to each other through music - to other cultures and others ways of life - more vividly? 
Examples - George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh. Paul Simon's Graceland; Lennon's imagine..
Those were such dynamic and new times for music. Renewal.  

ALSO - Howard Goodall's 'History of Music' BBC -
I highly recommend composer Howard Goodall's 'History of Music' BBC - last week Haydn (the dapper gentleman), Mozart (freelance star turn), Beethoven (tormented diva), Chopin - interesting learning about these composers I've played and loved for so many years. These composers used the pleasure principle for elegance and beauty. Last weeks program on composers Bach and Handel was wonderful too - spiritual and compassionate.