Wednesday 6 February 2013

Aimee Mann Celtic Connections 2013

American singer songwriter Aimee Mann, who is known for her insightful songs and well received albums, released her eighth studio album Charmer in 2012. She performed at Celtic Connections 2013 at the ABC O2 Glasgow.

She sang relaxing country rock with a honey-toned and expressive voice. She performed songs from her recent 2012 album - Living The Lie, Soon Enough, Charmer, Disappear, Labrador, Slip and Roll. Mann performed her song Save Me which she wrote for the film Magnolia and which was nominated for a Golden Globe.  She also sang some songs from her extensive back catalogue  - Wise Up, 4th of July, I Should Have Known. She also did a cover of Harry Neilson’s song One. For a bit of fun she sang a Thin Lizzy song for her encore.
Her band were very tight and accompanied her songs well.

Her voice and songs drew us in with subtle messages and careful thoughts. Her songs sound subtle and sincere, but underneath lies an under current of uncertainties.  As she said herself, she rocked in melody and rocked in a soft rock kind of a way… 
She is married to songwriter Michael Penn (brother of actors Sean Penn and Chris Penn).

Mann was well supported by Amelia Curran and Ted Leo, who also joined her on stage later and he performed a couple of songs with Mann. Leo is an American punk rock/indie rock songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has played in the bands Citizens Arrest, Chisel, The Sin-Eaters, The Spinanes, and Ted Leo & the Pharmacists.  Amelia Curran is from Newfoundland and has followed her Juno Award-winning Hunter, Hunter album with her 2012 album Spectators.