Monday, 26 May 2014

Piped Music

These days we listen to a great deal of piped music - or rather piped sound and extremely random playlists some random person (or machine?) came up with.

The worst I have heard is in Asda, and it is so bad it puts me off shopping there except with my music player in my ears. The piped artificial sound is irritating and mind numbingly bad.

M & S play 60s or 70s nostalgia for its aging clientele - which irritates also. I am older but I enjoy new music too, I don't like to be reminded of my age! 

People used to hear their music live - played by real instruments at their local or orchestra's in the park or singers at the theatre.

'Music' has become a a cheap commodity and when broken down into bite sized chunks it becomes like cheap sliced white bread or cheap chocolate - it may pretend to nourish our souls but really is instantly forgettable.

The sensible shops offer no annoying backdrop play lists. Some restaurants offer 70s or 80s songs, probably cheaper than new ones!  .

The best playlists I've heard is up at a lovely independently owned bar /restaurant in Callander who play lesser known folk artists and ceilidh bands.