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Friday 31 January 2020

Auld Lang Syne Concert -Celtic Connections 2020

What an excellent concert!
With a top line up of singers backed by the quality playing of the Scottish chamber orchestra and house band, consisting of Donald Shaw, fiddler John McCusker. The concert was recorded for Radio Scotland. Of course performing the much loved Burns songs with a top orchestra and quality singers was bound to be a winner and everyone was on top form tonight. 

Karen Matheson

Gaelic singer, Karen Matheson began the concert with some of Burns most romantic songs:with her clear, expressive voice and backed by the band and orchestra – Bonnie Jean, Lassie in the Lint White Coat, Ca the Yowes. She also performed a Donald Shaw composition, Let Me Wander. 

Jarlath Henderson

From Northern Ireland, piper and singer Jarlath Henderson, impressed with one of my best loved Burns songs, Westlin Winds. “One of the best songs ever written, it says all there is to say.” quote from folk singer Dick Gaughan (I missed his powerful voice). Henderson also performed one his own compositions and an excellent vocal on, Green Grow the Rashes O.  

Eddi Reader was cheered on stage and she sang – Jamie Come Try Me, Red Red Rose, and Charlie is My Darling - backed by the orchestra. After which Shona Donaldson sang a poignant Highland Widow’s Lament and the Slaves Lament, plus the more upbeat and rhythmic Rattlin Roarin Willie.  

For the grand finale Reader sang her passionate interpretation of Ae Fond Kiss and for a glorious finish with Auld Lang Syne and with the audience on their feet after such an enjoyable night.  

Eddi Reader
I wondered what would it have meant to Burns to have his songs thrill audiences all these years after he wrote them – and all over the world!  I was particularly glad to hear Westlin winds, Slaves Lament, Rattlin Roarin, Green Grow the Rashes O and Ae Fond Kiss, 

Burns was a great romantic poet and wrote some of the world’s greatest love songs -  but also so much more. He cared deeply on many issues – the Rights of Man (and women), his love and caring of nature, keeping Scots traditions alive, song collecting, equality, freedom and democracy. 

He was passionate about his song collecting but he was also a radical and reformer. His heroes from boyhood were freedom fighters. He also wrote one of the world’s best known and loved songs of equality - A Mans a Man for a That, which is sung today all over Europe, Canada and beyond. 

Jarlath Henderson, is an Irish folk musician. He is a  Uilleann piper, guitar, Cittern, low whistle and flute and winner of the BBC Radio 2 Young folk award 2003. 

Thursday 28 April 2016

Scottish Music 2016

Kathryn Joseph
Findlay Napier – Top reviews for this singer songwriter. On tour April/ May 2016.
Kris Drever – Scottish folk guitarist and songwriter. New album 2016 - If Wishes Were Horses.
Chvrches. - One of the most exciting new Scottish bands. New album 2016 - Every Open Eye.

Kris Drever
Idlewild. -  Scottish indie folk-rock band, Great show live. Album, Everything Ever Written..

Kathryn Joseph – New album. bones you have thrown me and blood i've spilled. Winner of SAY award 2015.
I met her briefly going into play at the Edinburgh book festival where her vintage piano was carefully being lifted over the stone steps via the backstage entrance into the Charlotte square gardens.  
Rachel Sermanni –  Young singer songwriter, excellent subtle voice. Album Tied to the Moon -

Rachel Sermanni
Karen Matheson
Julie Fowlis. - .Perfect Gaelic voice, excellent live.. Album Gach seugl – Every Story.

Blue Rose Code - aka Ross Wilson from Edinburgh, reminds one of a young John Martyn, even toured with bassist Danny Thompson. New album The Bird is on the Wing -
Karen Matheson -  Beautiful Gaelic singer. New album 2016 –  Urram
Singer with the band Capercaillie.  -

Julie Fowlis
Rob Noakes
Rab Noakes - Some of Noakes best work. He played with Gerry Rafferty.  New Album - I'm Walkin Here -
C Duncan - Short listed for Mercury prize 2015.  Album, Architect -

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Transatlantic Sessions 2016

Diversity, excellence, harmony, quality voices, top musicianship.
This is my ninth year of Transatlantic Sessions. I enjoy a seat in the front stalls of the concert hall and it feels like being transported on an escapist, joyous musical journey. This year the stage had a textured blue backdrop adorned with yellow lights – and along with the cream of Scottish and American folk music talent that confirms this concert as being the jewel in the crown of  ccfest.
Karen Matheson
Joe Newberry
The TS concerts vary – some are full of that joie de vivre so hard to describe; some are more escapist; some are poignant, some are full of perfect singing and instrumental solos; some are a subtle mix of emotions and hitting the right tone – and some combine all of these elements.There is the quality of musicianship and instruments, along with the depth and assuredness of a supreme band that all blend together to produce the perfect balance.

For tonight’s concert we had a truly high calibre of singers with Rhiannon Giddens, Karen Matheson, Cara Dillon, The Milk Carton Kids, Joe Newberry with their contrasting vocal styles.

Appalachian music came to Glasgow in the form of musician and songwriter Joe Newberry from North Carolina. 
Beautiful Gaelic singer Karen Matheson sang the emotional favourite Burns song Ca the Yowes. Karen has released her fourth solo album Urram.

With her warm, natural acoustic Irish voice Cara Dillon sang  Bright River Line and a memorable unaccompanied song The Winding River Roe. 
Milk Carton Kids from the American west coast sang perfect Everly Brothers style harmonies and played a light style bluegrass song. They also performed a unique Pink Floyd’s, Wish You Were Here.

Aly Bain
Jerry Douglas
We were treated to fine tunes written by Scottish musician Phil Cunningham - played by himself and his long term partner the accomplished Shetland fiddle of Aly Bain. Bain always makes his skill look so comfortable and so easy! Also the quality tunes from violinist John McCusker and the talented Michael McGoldrick on flute and Northumbrian pipes.

Cara Dillon

*A highlight of the night had to be gospel soul and opera singer Rhiannon Giddens who brought the first half to a dramatic conclusion. She sang of spiritual heartbreak with her powerhouse, absorbing voice with her unusual dynamic and energy. In her red dress she smiled and danced as she waved her arms wide.
Her personal history is an unusual mix of southern families – of African-American, Native-American and European-American.

She spoke of the importance history of the songs and she gave a powerful interpretation of an Odetta song, of the 1855 civil war and slavery She's Got You and also Black is the Colour. Her first solo album Tomorrow is My Turn has been receiving rave reviews. She sings with the band the Chocolate Drops. 

I remember visiting the Smoky Mountains - we stopped at an old ruined township and took time to visit the graveyard where we noticed so many were Scottish names and many were very young, Life was tough for many of the original pioneers here. The Scottish stories and music travelled with them over 200 years ago and our ties to America are strong ones. 
Highlights are also the singing with such a quality band!  The Transatlantic band 2016  - Aly Bain, Jerry Douglas, Phil Cunningham, Danny Thompson, Russ Barenberg, Mike McGoldrick, John Doyle, John McCusker, James Mackintosh and Donald Shaw. 
Transatlantic Sessions Photos -


ALL - tune Fortingall

Karen Metheson -  Ci an Fhidil & Ca the Yowes

Cara Dillon -  Bright Morning Star & The Winding River Roe

Joe Newberry -  Cherry River Line &   I Know Those Tears

Russ Barenburg - The Talking      

Rhiannon Giddens  -  She's Got You &  Black is the Colour

John Doyle -   Know My Love

Milk Carton Kids -  Wish You Were Here   

John McCusker - Opening Tune

ENCORE - It Ain't Easy  - All Singers
             Boys of 25/Glass of Beer