Thursday, 31 December 2009

Magic Hat:Jazz Bar Edinburgh Nov 2009

All accomplished musicians. The Magic Hat are a top class band and produce sexy energy charged with lots of blowing and synergy, nad with strong and deep interactions.

I took photos for this very accomplished and fun jazz band from Manchester at the Bar Brel (Ashton Lane Glasgow) and the Jazz Bar Edinburgh in November 2009. They mix it up and also play recognizable jazz tunes. I enjoyed their gigs very much. All accomplished musicians. Steve Chadwick on turmpet, Tony Ormesher guitar, Andrzej Baranek piano, Nick Blacka on double bass and Rob Turner on drums. QUOTE 'The Magic Hat Ensemble take tunes from the standard jazz repertoire and use them as a vehicle for high energy, elaborate arrangements often delivered with a tongue in cheek approach. Tipping their hat to the jazz greats along the way the band are renowned for re-workings of many classic jazz tunes employing the use of metric modulations, odd time signatures and blistering solos.' Check out their new album 'This Conversation Is Over' - they are touring in 2010. They invited me along to take shots - and Nick Blacka on double bass is one of my portfolio images - well double basses are such sexy instruments!

Late afternoon at the Bar Brel Ashton lane Glasgow there were some die hard jazz fans there to hear them - ands one guy said they were one of the two best jazz bands he'd heard in the past ten years. He talked of the Americans coming in by ships and bringing beebop.
Last Saturday (28th Nov) I was at the Jazz Bar to take photos for this incredible jazz band - and for their first album. So many memories of the 2007 jazz bar gigs, and my first time there since then. The images on the walls had changed from the large sepia photos to bright coloured art work. Otherwise it was exactly the same and I had very strange feelings standing at the bar and taking the photos - thinking about it all.