Sunday 13 December 2009

Coldplay entranced the SECC

Coldplay entranced the SECC Glasgow 9th Dec 2008
Classic songs - ’Yellow’ and ‘The Scientist’. Great colours and effects.

This was such a feel good gig, with memories of large yellow balls dancing above the audience and lots of singing - while a slightly middle class, middle aged kind of gig. I went with my lovely daughter, Coldplay were the first band she was ever keen on. Their rapport to the audience was top class and Martin especially, who connected with a highly energetic interaction as he enjoyed leaping across the stage
He gave the audience time to sing and certainly their songs are very singable! They even took to the back of the stage and busked for one song. 

I enjoyed the gig hugely – it was full of life with vibrant energy and hope. When we left everyone was singing their 'La Vida'!

Some moving songs – ‘Fix You’, ‘Those Who are Dead Are not Dead, they are simply living in my head’. 

The support slots were awful though with some guy on electric keys. I said to my daughter what on earth kind of music is that – she replied ‘rubbish!’